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Get the most out of the festival by following these tips.

Start with your own programme or faculty

First attend the presentation given by your own study programme or faculty. Here you will find out about the requirements and opportunities within your own programme. Would like to study outside Europe or follow courses outside your own field of study? If so, your next stop should be the presentation about university-wide exchange. These are given three times, so are easy to combine with other presentations.

Student panel sessions

The student panel sessions consist of students’ personal experiences and are a great source of inspiration and advice. For more detailed information about a specific university or country, the Meet & Greet sessions are the better option.

Meet and Greet

There are more than 200 partner universities, so they can’t all be represented during the Meet & Greet sessions. If there isn’t a Meet & Greet session for the university you are interested in, leave your contact details at the international exchange coordinators’ stand and they will try to put you in touch with a student at a later date.


Not all faculties or programmes offer internship opportunities abroad. Check the situation before attending the festival, either by looking under the faculty tab on the student site or by talking to your faculty/programme’s international exchange coordinator.

Entire master's programme

Do you want to do an entire master’s programme abroad? The festival is primarily intended for students who want to do an exchange programme, internship or research project during their studies at Leiden University. There are no presentations about doing a whole degree programme abroad. However, at the information market there are a couple of organisations that can provide you with information, such as the Fullbright Centre for study in America and Studeren in Duitsland for study in Germany. Also, Wilweg has country information and stories from students who have done a master’s abroad.


Do you have questions about visas? Unfortunately the SAF team is unable to assist. The conditions and procedures for visa applications vary greatly depending on your destination and nationality, therefore it’s impossible to offer general information. If you are admitted onto an exchange programme you will receive more information about visa procedures. Your destination country's embassy or consulate can also provide you with detailed  information.

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