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Personal development

During your time as a student it is important to gain knowledge not only in your field of study, but also for life. An important part of this is personal development. The university would like to support you in this goal. For example, in getting enough exercise and relaxation, developing resilience and feeling happy. There are a variety of (online) coaching programmes, apps and guidance services available that can help.

Uncertain times? Bounce back!

As a student, how can you deal with uncertain times such as the corona crisis or difficult personal circumstances? The answer is: resilience. In the University of Pennsylvania’s free MOOC (online course) 'Resilience Skills in a Time of Uncertainty' you can learn more about resilience and how to develop your own resilience skills.

Facts and fables of happiness  

In Yale University’s MOOC (online course) ‘The science of well-being' you can learn about your own influence on your happiness and how you can build productive habits to increase your happiness. The MOOC is free of charge if you choose not to receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Personal development workshops

Would you rather take part in a ‘live’ workshop under the guidance of a trainer? There are regular workshops on effective studying, dealing with exam stress and fear of failure, thesis writing and time management. Take a look at the overview of personal development workshops.

Healthy lifestyle

Do you want to learn how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Andrea Evers, Professor of Health Psychology, explains how to do so and how to make it fun at the same time.  

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Get to know yourself and find the right job for you

The Career Services can offer you personal guidance both during your studies and up to five years after graduation. You can find a career service at every faculty. 

Talk to your mentor

Plenty of Leiden students have gone before you and navigated their way through their studies and into the job market. Many of these Leiden alumni would love to share their experiences with you via the Mentor Network. A mentor can help you to find the path to your first job. Find the right mentor for you via the Leiden University Mentor Network.


Do you want to stop procrastinating? Via the ‘Get started’ online programme from Caring Universities you can learn how to break the habit in just 5 modules. You will also have a coach on hand via email to help you overcome your procrastination issues.

Also watch this video to find out how you can motivate yourself to overcome bad habits: 

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Dealing with corona-related issues

Are you encountering problems as a result of the corona crisis? In the SolutionShop from Caring Universities you can find 13 tips and tricks to help you to deal with corona-related issues. See here how the Caring Universities platform works.

How to deal with stress?

Do you suffer from stress? Caring Universities offers a free online coaching programme that can teach you how to deal with stress. You will receive free advice from an online coach who can help you to get your stress under control. See here how the Caring Universities platform works.

Financial issues

Having a good grip on your financial situation is also important for your personal well-being. You are always welcome to speak to one of Leiden University’s Student Counsellors if you have money-related concerns.

Student psychologists

Our student psychologists are on hand to help you with any psychological problems you might be experiencing, such as fear of failure, motivation issues, sombre thoughts or serious stress. Get in touch and plan an (online) appointment.

Have a good suggestion? Let us know.

Do you have a good suggestion concerning how to improve student well-being? Let us know by sending a mail to: studentwellbeing@sea.leidenuniv.nl.

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