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Corona regulations on the college floors

LUC’s actions to combat the coronavirus on the college floors (floors 1-4) are fully in line with the policy of Leiden University, and will be updated as soon as the circumstances allow.

The use of the College floors is subject to the Campus Protocol of Leiden University. Please read this document carefully as it also applies to LUC.  The college floors are for the use of the LUC community only, with the exception of the Auditorium that is also used by other programs.

  • Please do the Corona Check before coming to campus, and do a self-test at home at least twice a week, preferably every day before coming to class. Self-tests can be ordered for free.
  • Face masks are worn at all times outside of the classroom. Inside the classroom they are not mandatory, but the instructor may decide differently together with the group.
  • 1.5m distance does not apply on the college floors as from 30 August. However, please do keep your distance to each other outside of the classroom as much as possible.
  • After class, please do not linger in the corridors to avoid crowding.
  • There are cleaning materials in the classroom. Please clean your table, chair, etc. before you leave the room.
  • In the classroom, ventilate as often as possible, and clean the table and other surfaces when the activity is over.
  • At the study area on floor 2 at AvB, please avoid crowding and keep seated. Study places at other buildings have to be booked.
  • Stay home if you have corona symptoms, if you test positive, or if you have to quarantine due to the corona measures in place. Inform your instructor so that you can follow your class via streaming (see above).

Use of the college building

  • For all activities, such as classes, group work, quiet self-study, etc., but also for social events and activities, the corona guidelines as communicated by the university should be followed. For social events, the organizers may make use of the Corona check app (QR codes). Student bar Coasters has to abide by the regulations as present for restaurants and bars elsewhere.
  • You can book a classroom with the info desk on floor 4
  • Depending on the situation with corona infections within the LUC community, LUC management or FGGA may decide to cancel social activities and events even at short notice. The main priority is with the educational program.

Cleaning and Ventilation

On floor 0 at both entrances, floor 2 and floor 3 disinfectant has been provided for those entering the floor to clean their hands.

After each class, the instructor should ventilate the room. University cleaning crews clean classrooms regularly depending on scheduled classes taking place. Each classroom has cleaning materials available for cleaning (table tops, keybords, whiteboard markers, etc.) when desired.

For non-teaching activities in classrooms, and for instructors using the classroom for streaming without any students present, the users of the space must clean after themselves before they leave the room.

When meeting in a room, classroom or office, please ventilate as much as possible. Keep the door and/or window open as long as temperatures permit.

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