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If a positive case is reported to us, we will do our best to inform everyone who is directly involved immediately. In addition, we will – once daily – inform the whole LUC community about the current situation. This includes the number of positive cases and the possible consequences if they affect the whole community.

How will LUC keep you informed?

  • On a weekly basis, we will share general corona updates in the LUC newsletter. In case there is a need, such as when there is a steep rise in infections, or there are additional government or university measures to be implemented immediately, etc., we will inform everyone a soon as possible via email.
  • On this website, we share all information about AvB during corona times, including all information letters. You can also point your parents to this website in case they have questions.
  • Both the GGD and LUC will urgently advise confirmed patients to inform their close contacts, and tell them they should quarantine.
  • LUC will help the patient to inform ‘loose contacts’ within the LUC community: those people who have not been close to the patient but have been in the same meeting, class, etc. We can only do this if the patient provides us with the information on these groups of people. We will inform ‘loose contacts’ that they should watch their own health carefully, and get tested as soon as they develop symptoms. So please help us by reporting your positive test as soon as possible via the form, also in the weekend.
  • Of course, if you have not been informed as being a close or loose contact of someone infected, this does not mean that you can relax your adherence to the general guidelines. 
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