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COVID-19 related absences and the attendance policy

In our academic program, we emphasize small-group learning and classroom interaction. Students are part of an intensive learning process in which their contribution is key. We value the discussions, debates, presentations and simulations in class that are designed to facilitate a profound learning experience.

Flexibility within attendance policy

In case a student needs to physically miss classes due to corona-related reasons, these absences will count as ‘regular’ absences under the normal attendance policy, even if they follow the class via the livestream. This, however, does not immediately mean that they will fail their classes, as there is significant flexibility within the attendance policy:

  • If you miss one or two classes, you can continue to pass your course without any further arrangements. We assume this will be the case for most Covid-19 related reasons (i.e. quarantine, positive tests, travel restrictions etc.).
  • In case you miss more than two classes due to corona related issues, individual arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis and together with your course instructor.
  • In case of corona related issues severely restricting your capacity to attend class physically, you may miss up to 50% of your classes and still be able to pass the course if certain conditions are met .

Covid-19 absence? Take the following steps!

Thus, if you have a student expect to miss a class for corona-related reasons, they should take the following steps:

  1. Indicate that you will be absent due to corona-related reasons over Brightspace. This way the instructor knows to set up a livestream;
  2. Make sure to have documentation of your absence to the extent that is possible (e-mails from testing center or the GGD, test-results, messages urging you to quarantine, etc.);
  3. If you are going to physically miss more than two classes in the course, write an e-mail to the study advisors (studyadvisor@luc.leidenuniv.nl) explaining your situation and where possible provide documentation. Together with your instructor, the study advisors will then see what individual arrangements can be made for you to be able to pass the course;
  4. If the above procedure has not made it possible to remedy your situation, there is always the possibility of presenting your case to the Board of examiners with the help of the study advisors.

non-Covid-related Extenuating Circumstances

For students who are dealing with non-Covid-related extenuating circumstances that prevent them from attending class, and/or for students who expect to be absent for a longer period, only the regular routes will be available (see below).

Please note that students who are failing a course because of attendance reasons, they can present their case to the BoE for extenuating circumstances. Before they do so, it is strongly advised that they contact the study advisors to discuss their situation.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the study advisors (studyadvisor@luc.leidenuniv.nl ) in case you have more questions.

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