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Equipment and working from Home

If you usually work from home, your employer has a duty of care. This means that you should at least have a good desk, chair and computer equipment. In general, we can expect that you already have these facilities at home and that we will therefore not have to set up a home office for all our employees in the period in which everyone has to work from home.

However, we acknowledge that there may be extra or additional needs in order to set up a proper home office. This can involve:
-    Borrowing equipment available at LUC for use at home
-    Buying LUC equipment for use at home
-    Facilitating the supply of specific furniture in case of a health condition

The purchase of furniture and (ict) equipment is bound to procurement rules and regulations. All items stay in the property of LUC. To facilitate this process and to keep track of who has ordered what, we are using a form to apply for borrowing or buying equipment.

Please fill out this form if you need to borrow or buy equipment for your home office. You will receive further instructions on how to proceed within two working days. Please do not buy anything without discussing this with LUC, we cannot reimburse any claims without prior agreement.

Transport service

In case you need to have larger items (such as a desk chair) transported to your home address in The Hague, the UFB can take care of this. Please coordinate this via the Infodesk (info@luc.leidenuniv.nl).

Secretarial support

Our LUC CS team is more than happy to support you with small secretarial or office tasks, such as forwarding the mail from your pigeon hole to your home address, or small printing jobs. However, just like all staff, they are currently working from home as much as possible and there are limitations to what they can do. Please contact info@luc.leidenuniv.nl way ahead of time to discuss the support you may need. When needed, they will consult with the operational manager.

Also, consider if you can think of another solution. For example, ask permission to buy a printer for home use, change the address on subscriptions and book orders to your home address, find digital alternatives, or ask a student to help out with preparing materials for a class.

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