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General information about the attendance policy at LUC

Students who cannot make it to class because of extenuating circumstances can make use of the existing LUC policies, such as the attendance policy and the BoE-related requests.

The relevant routes are:

The regular attendance policy[1]

  • missing up to 15% (mostly 2 classes) per course due to extenuating circumstances is accepted;
  • when missing more than 15% of the course the students have to show documentation of the extenuating circumstances causing the miss to either the course instructor or study advisors;
  • the individual course instructor decides to what extent the absences affect students’ course work or whether it is no longer possible to pass the course;
  • missing more than 50% of the course will automatically result in a fail.


Requests to the BoE[2]

    • Students can request to be withdrawn from a course in case of extenuating circumstances.
    • Students can request an extension of deadlines in case of extenuating circumstances.


Requests to the Study Advisors[3]

    • Students can request a leave of absence with or without deregistration from the programme.
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