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For Staff: Teaching during Corona and working from home in Block 2

We have a full block of largely on campus teaching behind us and have started Block 2 already. At the same time, the pandemic is not over yet, new government measures are announced, and new cases of infection at LUC have been reported. Also, some staff is teaching in Block 2 for the first time this academic year. This document informs all about teaching at LUC in Block 2 under these circumstances.

University and national policies for Higher Education

The guidelines for Higher Education from the government have been published on 25 August. General government guidelines are published here. Additional information from the University and the Campus Protocol is published on the University coronavirus website. In principle LUC follows these guidelines; considering the residential setting of our program, we add LUC-specific policy where needed. Specific measures for Higher Education are at the time of writing:

  • The use of face masks when moving through the building
  • Working from home for 50% of the time when not teaching.

New measures may follow later, we will update you accordingly.

We will work in an offline classroom situation, which means that all staff and students are expected to be in class at AvB. As in block 1, staff that have serious concerns about teaching on campus are invited to talk to their supervisor to discuss solutions.

Student who are not able to physically attend the class for a short time due to Covid-19 related issues are offered the option to follow the class online via a livestream. Students can indicate this via an option in Brightspace.

The live stream option is subpar and will not replace regular attendance. Following the class via live stream will therefore be counted as an absence (see below). The live stream is solely intended for students who are dealing with short-term absence due to Covid-19 related issues.

The live streaming option will only be offered when both of the following apply:

1. Covid-related issues arise such as quarantine due to possible infection or a positive Covid test. The study advisors might contact you for relevant documentation.

2. The issues are determined to be short term, with a maximum of two to three weeks of in-person absence, depending on the severity of a student's situation.

Students who make use of the live stream option are held to the code of conduct for remote teaching.

Practical matters related to livestreaming

  • video cameras have been installed in all our classrooms by UFB. So no need to get a ‘koffertje’ from the infodesk.
  • A CFI student assistant will be available between 8:45 AM and 17:30 PM to support you with the livestreaming of your class. Before every class change he or she will be on the classroom floors to actively check if support is needed in any classroom. Also, you can contact the SA through the infodesk: number 8203 (use the fixed phone in the classroom).
  • In order to report their absence to the class, students should use the sign-off/sign-on tool in Brightspace. Please find here the very short manual to make this tool “visible” in your Brightspace course environment.
  • Please be aware that you need to create a link to an online meeting per class (teams, zoom etc), so you can send it to students that opted via the sign-off tool for the live stream because of Covid related reasons. With the report function in Brightspace you can extract the list of students that used the sign-off tool. Of course you can ask your students to sign-off at least a day ahead.
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