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What if a student cannot attend class due to illness?

Of course a student with COVID-19 cannot attend on-site class, because they are isolating. In this case the normal procedures for absence apply. Student informs the Study Adviser and their instructor about their absence and the reason.

What if you are feeling too sick to work (staff)? 

Of course if you have tested positive you will be staying home and isolating. Some people do not feel very sick at all, and can continue working remotely. However, if you do feel too sick to work please inform your supervisor and also register sick via the Service Portal on the staff website. In principle, normal procedures apply for when you cannot work due to illness.

In case you expect that you will not be able to work for an extended period of time, please discuss with your supervisor what this means for your work (for example, whether a replacement needs to be sought).

What can you do yourself to stay safe? 

The safety and health of all on campus is everyone’s shared responsibility. The best thing you can do to stay safe and avoid getting infected yourself, is to keep your own distance from all others at all times. Follow the guidelines, wash your hands, use disinfectant materials when provided, and keep your distance from others. Stay at home if you have symptoms, and get tested.

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