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LUC and AvB during the Corona Pandemic

These pages inform you about working, studying and living at AvB during the corona pandemic.


This page was last updated on Tuesday 9 November 2021.

At LUC, we follow the general guidelines of the National Health service (RIVM) and of Leiden University. Please also check out Leiden University's Campus Protocol.

We have seen over the past year that the situation is changing continuously and sometimes rapidly. In these pages therefore, we frequently link to other sources with up to date information so that the most recent information is at your disposal.

Our shared responsibility

In handling the corona situation on the college floors and in the residential campus, LUC works closely together with the Leiden University Health and Safety department, as well as with the local health authorities (GGD).

Please always follow the corona guidelines in place at the moment. An overview can be found here. Adhering to the rules is a shared responsibility. Please help and remind colleagues and students of the rules. If you have any symptoms you are not allowed to come to the college floors. Please get yourself tested (on www.coronatest.nl or call 0800-1202). 

Testing and self-testing

If you have any symptoms you are not allowed to come to the college floors as per the Campus Protocol. Please get yourself tested (on www.coronatest.nl or call 0800-1202*). If you don’t have symptoms, it is a good idea to self-test before coming to campus, for example twice a week. If you are registered as a student or staff member, you can order free self-test kits. Students testing positive should report this using this form. If you have tested positive, please follow the instructions from the GGD, and isolate yourself from others. You cannot attend class on campus in that case.

*A Digi-D and a registration at the university are very practical in order to make test appointments and order self-test kits.


Vaccination will greatly help in keeping the spread of the virus down and preventing infections on campus. On this site, you can check when your birth cohort can make an appointment for vaccination. If you are abroad during this time, please do already make an appointment for vaccination for a time slot after returning to the Netherlands. Please keep your possible quarantine period after travel into account when planning this. Of course, you can also opt for vaccination in your country of residence der, if this is an option for you.

If you are an incoming first year student and you expect that you will not yet have been able to be vaccinated when coming to the Netherlands, please contact the Public Health Services of the Netherlands (GGD) via +31 85 112 49 70 to make an appointment to get vaccinated.

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