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Application Guidelines

Preparing your Application

You can only apply online for financial support at LUC. Please read the information on our website and these guidelines carefully first and make sure you have all information and documents needed ready, and in the right format, for you to upload. Applications with missing, incorrect, or fraudulent information will not be considered. You will need to provide the following information: 

Personal information

This section includes your name, email, passport nationality, student number, year started at LUC.

Sources of Income

This section allows you to provide information about all your sources of income, as much as possible supported with documents. Please list all sources of income, including your parent/guardian’s income and their contribution to your studies, any grants, loans, scholarships, savings, or own income from jobs, etc. Please make sure you have supporting documents such as tax return statements, annual employer statements, pay slips, grant letters, decision letters on student loans, etc. ready in a suitable format (such as pdf or jpeg). The information about parent salaries and DUO loans or grants should be uploaded as separate documents. The information about loans, grants, and scholarships from sources other than salary and DUO can be combined in one document. You may black out any personal information that is not needed to verify your information, such as the bank account number. If you are Dutch, or eligible to receive Dutch student finance, please upload relevant decisions from DUO. If you did not receive one yet, upload a screen shot of the DUO online calculation tool.

Financial Plan

In this section, please upload a budget sheet in which you show your annual financial plan, listing all your expected expenses on the one hand, and all your expected sources of income on the other hand. An example of a budget sheet can be found here. Please use excel or a similar calculation tool to add up correctly. Please make sure that all amounts you mention are the same in your financial plan as in the various boxes you will fill in the online form. All amounts are on annual basis, and all amounts should be given in Euros. If amounts on any supporting documents are not in Euros, please convert them to Euros yourself before entering them in the form, and tell us in your financial plan which conversion rate you have used. You should at least include:

  • Expenses: tuition, room rent, groceries, insurances (health & third party liability), study materials, clothes and personal care, transport, and social activities. Make sure to add up all expenses to provide the total annual expense.
  • Income: parent/guardian contributions, loans, scholarships, grants, savings, own income, etc.; rent subsidy, health insurance subsidy, etc. Make sure to add up all income. Please indicate clearly if there are source of income that are not yet confirmed (for example if you are waiting for a decision on a grant application elsewhere). Please do not include the LUC financial support you are hoping to receive.

Please make an annual budget, not a monthly one. The purpose of this section is to see how well you are planning your finances and how realistic your financial plan looks. This section should also show the size of the financial need you are trying to cover with LUC financial support.

Motivation Letters

You need to prepare two motivation letters, one about your financial situation and one about your academics and contribution to the LUC community. Both letters should be brief and concise, maximum one A4 page.

In your financial situation letter, you have space to comment on your financial circumstances and any additional information that will help us understand your situation. This may include information about your family circumstances, about how you are trying to finance your studies, etc. Please be honest and realistic.

In your academic and community letter, please comment briefly on how studying at LUC would help you achieve your goals and ambitions. We already have your admissions file and you have already received an offer once we read your letter, so there is no need to go into details regarding your academic achievements or grades. Here you also have space to let us know how you plan to contribute to the LUC community, and how you think your specific background or talent may be an asset to our community.

Additional Documents

This space allows you to upload any other documents or information that do not fit the other categories, but you think would help us to assess your application better.

If you are a new student starting in fall 2022, you may upload your offer letter from LUC here.

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