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Conditions and Responsibilities

All students who receive financial support need to abide by the following conditions or responsibilities that are attached to the recipients of financial support

Recipients of financial support are important ambassadors for LUC, the financial support program and the LUC Foundation. As a recipient, we may ask you to participate in activities with LUC alumni, donors and sponsors, and to cooperate with the promotion of the LUC Foundation whether online or in person. We much appreciate your help! 

If you are receiving financial support from LUC, you are obliged to inform LUC of the following situations as soon as they occur:

  • Changes in your financial situation; for example if you accept a paid job, if your parent finds employment with a higher salary, or if you have been awarded another scholarship, loan, grant, or subsidy.
  • Changes in your academic progress, including credit shortages or leave of absence.

Depending on your situation, these changes may affect the amount of financial support you receive. Students that fail to inform LUC about these and similar situations run the risk that financial support is discontinued completely, and that you must reimburse the total amount of the financial support package for the academic year. You can contact us via financial.support@luc.leidenuniv.nl.

LUC financial support currently is a gift, not a loan. However, graduated recipients of financial support are strongly encouraged to become donors themselves as soon as their circumstances allow for this. Even if you contribute only a small monthly amount once you have started your career, you can help pay it forward and enable others in a situation like your own to be able to attend LUC as well. For more information about donating to our financial support program, look here.

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