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Not attending graduation?

If you are unable to be at the graduation on the 6th of July, there are a few things you need to fill out to get your diploma and your graduation box. You will need to fill out the form in order to get your diploma and/or graduation box.

How to get your diploma

Usually, you receive your diploma during the Graduation ceremony. If you are unable to attend graduation below are the different ways to get your diploma.

Diplomas will be available after July 6. There are three ways you can get your diploma.  

You can come and pick up your diploma after July 6. You have to book a time-slot beforehand (link to the booking system is in the survey) so that we can inform the reception about your visit. 

Also, we ask you to come alone, and to leave the college floors as soon as you have picked up your diploma. You will have to bring your passport in order to confirm your identity, and you will have to sign for receipt of the diploma. 

Are you not in The Hague or the Netherlands anymore? We do not usually ship diplomas to students. However, for the Class of 2022, an exception will be made given the coronavirus situation.

If you choose this option, LUC will send the diploma to you by registered mail. You can submit your address in the survey. Diplomas can only be issued once, so by choosing this option you need to be aware of the risk that if your diploma is lost or damaged in the mail, Leiden University will not issue a replacement, and LUC is not liable for this. 

Another option is for LUC to keep your diploma for pick up later this year. In the meantime, you can request an extract from DUO with your DigID. This extract is accepted for registration in Master programs in the Netherlands, and abroad depending on the regulations of the program. https://duo.nl/particulier/extract-of-your-diploma.jsp.

Only in case a DUO extract is not sufficient, the Course Admin Team can provide a certified digital copy of the diploma documents on request.

Graduation Box

Students who can't attend graduation can get a Graduation Box. This graduation box contains:

  • your graduation cap and tassel of your major
  • a gift from the alumni association

Fill out form

If you plan on attending the graduation ceremony on July 6, 2022 you do not need to fill out this form. Please complete the survey before July 11, 2022 if you will not attend the graduation.

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