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Student Awards

Three types of awards

During the ceremony three awards will be presented:

  • Aernout van Lynden Global Citizenship Award 
    We would like to hear from you!
  • Highest Academic Achievement Award
  • Brill Prize

We would like to hear from you!

This award is a recognition given by the LUC community to a student who has demonstrated the qualities of active engagement, responsive and responsible participation in civic and/or community building, within and/or beyond LUC. You could be nominated if during your time at LUC you were:

  1. Engaged in volunteer service to the community, within and/or beyond the LUC community
  2. Participant in academic and non-academic extra-curricular events and activities in and out of LUC that forged civic engagement and responsiveness at the local, national or global community
  3. Involved in character-building activities, through teamwork, advocacy and leadership
  4. Taking care of your academic work despite devoting time and energy to (1), (2), and (3) above
  5. able to motivate peers to contribute to the benefit of the community.


We would like to invite all members of the LUC community to take part and nominate any graduating student for this award.

If you wish to nominate a candidate please do submit your reasons for your nomination before Wednesday June 1st 2022 by filling out the nomination form.

Aernout van Lynden Global Citizenship Award

Nomination Form

This award is given to the student with the highest GPA. This student will be the valedictorian of the Class of 2022.

The Brill Prize will be awarded to the graduand who wrote the best undergraduate thesis.

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