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Choosing your Major

At the end of the first year you have to choose the major in which you will further continue your studies at LUC. In order to ensure that you can make a well-informed decision, several activities are organised.

1. Major & Minor Choice Event

In block 2 of the first year a Major & Minor Choice Event takes place to provide you with relevant information about the majors (and minors) that LUC offers: the content and structure of each of the majors, the methods used in those disciplines, the skills you will learn, preparation for your future career, relevant master programmes and jobs where alumni are now working.

2. Select Introductory Major Courses

After this event you can select introductory major courses for the second semester to further explore one or more majors.

3. Information Session on Study Processes

In block 3 of your first year the study advisors will hold an information session on study processes: what is the study plan template, how to manage it, what is the GPA, how does course allocation work, how does the BSA process work, etc.

4. Remaining Questions

After block 3 you will probably have a pretty clear idea which major you are going to choose, but in case you are still not sure, you are encouraged to discuss any remaining questions with your academic advisor and/or with the major convener. The major conveners will hold special office hours in the week before the deadline of the major declaration.

5. Deadline Day

The deadline to formally declare your major is 1 May. You will receive a request from the study advisors well in advance.

Nuts & Bolts Session

At the end of block 4, once you have declared your major, you will be invited for the major’s Nuts & Bolts session. In this session the Major Convener will explain the structure of the major, the types of courses it offers, how to ideally plan your courses in the major, etc.

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