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Preparing your Capstone

The Capstone is your final assignment before graduation: an individual project of 10 EC (=280 hours). You will start working on your capstone in your final semester, but preparation already starts in block 4 of your second year, with information sessions on how the capstone process works. In block 4 you can start looking for a supervisor.

IMPORTANT: To make sure that all students have equal opportunity to find a supervisor, it is not allowed to secure a supervisor before the start of block 4’s info sessions! With the exception of EES students, who can start in block 3 (due to field/lab work that often already starts in the Summer).

The preparation process in block 4 looks as follows:

Capstone Supervisor Major Sessions

In week 4 the Capstone Supervisor major sessions take place: Each major will present their supervisors and topics, so you can start thinking about which topic(s) you would be interested in pursuing for your capstone and which supervisor you would like to approach. All LUC supervisors are experienced and very well capable of guiding every student through the capstone process, also supervisors outside of your major. In the latter case, a reader from within your major will be assigned.

Introductory Capstone Info

In week 5 the Capstone Coordinator (Dr. Lucie Zicha) will hold an Introductory Capstone Info Session, to inform you about the process of your capstone, such as supervisor selection and form, deadlines for proposal and capstone, capstone handbook, etc. You will already have access to information on the Capstone via Blackboard, as soon as you are enrolled in the Capstone course – in your fifth semester/when you’ve obtained 120 EC.

Signed and Submitted

Only after this meeting supervisor forms can be signed and submitted. If you are planning to graduate in the Winter of the next academic year, the deadline for the supervisor form is in July. If you are planning to graduate in the Summer of the next academic year, the deadline for the supervisor form is in October. So there’s plenty of time to find your supervisor!

280 hours

We are aware of the anxiety among students when it comes to preparing and writing the capstone. Although it is the biggest essay you will write at LUC, it is not necessary to get stressed. There are sufficient supervisors and even though you may not get your preferred supervisor, you will be able to find someone. It is a 10 EC assignment, meaning that you are expected to spend 280 hours on it; consider the capstone thesis to be an extended version of many essays you’ve already completed throughout your time at LUC. And the methods courses in your major and the Research Design course have prepared you well. In general, the capstones at LUC are of a very high level – please have confidence that you are equally capable to deliver a successful product as your predecessors.

IMPORTANT: Note that LUC offers sufficient supervisors for all students. Only in exceptional cases it is allowed to choose an external supervisor, to be decided at the discretion of the capstone coordinator.


All these informative programme events will be announced in the LUC Newsletter, email, posters in the building, in class, etc. 

For any questions, please contact the Programme baord at PB@luc.leidenuniv.nl 

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