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Mentor-Tutor system for incoming students

The incoming students, LUC Class of 2023, will have a different start to their student life. To help them adjust to university life, Leiden University has developed a mentor-tutor - system.

  1. Our first-year students will be divided into groups of 20, who will take all compulsory Global Challenges courses together, in order to create a mentor group, also for those students who are not yet in The Hague. We will evaluate this after semester 1.
  2. Each group is assigned a First Year Academic Advisor (member of academic staff) and a mentor (a recent alumna/alumnus or third year student, not the introduction week mentor). Students will have weekly meeting with their student mentors online, or when possible, live meetings to discuss topics like adjusting to the university environment, use of online tools, orientation towards major etc. Twice in each block students will have a meeting with their academic advisor.
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