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Graduation Day

The graduation celebration of the Class of 2021 will take place on Friday 9 July 2021. This will be a hybrid ceremony, combining both online and offline components.

The online ceremony will include all the highlights that we have during a regular graduation ceremony, including a commencement speaker, student awards, a valedictorian speech, and words from your teachers.

The In-Person walkthrough will take place at AvB and Wijnhaven. Students will be allowed to bring 2 guests. This is of course subject to change, given any ammendments to the national regulations. 

The Live Stream will start at 10:00 CEST. It will be streamed live on YouTube. You will find the link here on the date (9 July) and in your inboxes. The online ceremony will last approximately 1 hour.

Online Graduation Programme

- Commencement speech
- Presentation of the Global Citizenship Award
- Class Representative speech
- Student Performance
- Video: A word from the Graduates
- Presentation of the Highest Academic Achievement Award
- Valedictorian Speech
- Welcome to the Alumni Community
- Closing Remarks

Join Live Stream

Online Live Ceremony at 10:00 CEST

Online Ceremony

The Graduation Walkthrough will start at at 12:00. There are different start times depending on the time-slot you book.

You will be able to select a time-slot in an email you have received. Please fill out this information in order to be officially registered, and select a time slot.

There are limited spaces in each time slot. If you want to walk together with your friends, make sure you communicate before making your reservation. Bookings of time-slots cannot be changed once made. If you see that a particular time does not have enough spaces for you, and perhaps the friends you want to walk with, choose the next available time. We can't make accomodations for more people, even if it is one additional person in any given time-slot. 

You will be able to register 2 guests. These guests will have access at Wijnhaven

Your timeslot will include a series of stops, and activities to do throughout your walkthrough. The start time that you book is the time you need to be at the first stop - the LUC building.

1. Graduation Procession and formation: You will be able to drop off your things at AvB, get into your gown, and get together with your graduation group. Once the group is ready, you will proceed to the next stop. Note: no guests are allowed at this stop. Please ask your guests to arrive to Wijnhaven at the time listed on their ticket. They can wait for you there. We are not allowed to walk in large groups- please abide by the Corona measures. 

2. Wijnhaven Walkthrough: Once you are at WH, you will be able to meet your guests on the first floor at the auditorium. Once you are ready to enter the graduation market on the tarrace you can do so. There a few stops to visit on the terrace. If you see one stop is busy or has a long line, please proceed to another stop. There are 25 minutes per group on the terrace.

  • Get your diploma!: Bring an ID Card and receive your Diploma
  • Get your picture with the Dean!: Get the official graduation picture with the Dean. 
  • Welcome to the Alumni Association: Evolucio and the Alumni office formally welcome you to the Alumni community! Make sure to pick up your goodie bag - surprises in store!
  • Sign your Class Picture: Remember Intro Week? Time to sign off this chapter of your life! This group picture will be hung at LUC.
  • Cheers! - treat yourself and your guests to a celebratory drink on the terrace - it is a party afterall!
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