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The programme (15 EC) runs from November to June and consists of two courses: the fundamentals of sustainability and a sustainability challenge.


This programme is only offered in English. 

Part 1: LDE Sustainability Fundamentals (5 EC)

In interactive seminars, experts from the three universities, as well as invited guest speakers, will provide you with the necessary insights to start working on the LDE Sustainability Challenge. You will learn about systems thinking, environmental change and practical possibilities for addressing sustinability challenges. 

Part 2: LDE Sustainability Challenge (10 EC)

In this challenge, you will work in a small, interdisciplinary team of students (4-5) on real-life societal sustainability challenges. These challenges will address problems faced by regional stakeholders from across public, private or civic spheres.

Some examples of possible challenges:

  • Develop solutions to the housing crisis that simultaneously help cities in meeting their climate goals.
  • Investigating policies to make sustainable technologies such as renewables or electric vehicles available to a broad spectrum of society.
  • Create a plan to make the supply chain of one or several businesses more circular.

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