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Upon successful completion of your Honours track, you will be awarded a certificate and have your Honours College credits mentioned on your diploma supplement.

Corona virus update

It is possible that the corona virus has influenced the trajectory of your studies. Of course, our Board of Examiners is fully aware of this, and takes the current situation in consideration when processing requests such as requests for extension of the time limit. If part of your reason for making such a request is the corona virus situation, please explain which impact the situation has had on the trajectory of your studies.


Faculty or individual track

You must complete both your bachelor's programme and honours track within 3 years and have an average grade of 7 or higher for your bachelor.

Double Bachelor Plus

Ask your faculty Honours College coordinator for details of the conditions.

Postponement of certification

Have you met all the requirements for your Honours College certificate but want to postpone certification because you have also requested postponement of graduation from your bachelor’s programme? If so, you can request postponement of certification from the Board of Examiners.

Extension of time limit

In order to receive an Honours College certificate, you must complete both your bachelor’s programme and honours track within three years. If you are not able to meet this time limit due to exceptional circumstances, you can request an extension from the Board of Examiners.
By exceptional circumstances is meant:

  • Personal circumstances (e.g. chronic or long-term illness, psychological issues, the loss of a family member)
  • Study-related activities that contribute to your academic development (e.g. study abroad, internships)
  • Scheduling problems due to you having to follow additional courses
  • Board activities for a study or student association
  • Top-level sport or cultural activities

If your request is granted, you may still be eligible to receive your Honours College certificate.

Requesting a postponement or extension

If you require a postponement of certification or an extension of the time limit, you must submit a request to the Board of Examiners.

  • You are advised to first discuss your situation with your Honours College coordinator or coach. He/she can advise you on how to draw up your request.
  • Draw up your request, making sure to include the following information:
    • Your name, student number and email address
    • Your HC track name and commencement date
    • Your bachelor’s programme name and commencement date
    • Nature of the request, i.e. Postponement of certification, or Extension of time limit
    • Duration of requested postponement or extension
    • Reason(s) for your request and proposed study plan
  • Send your request to the Board of Examiners by mail.

The Board of Examiners will do its best to issue a decision on your request within three weeks. You will receive the decision by email. 

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