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The programme offers in-depth education on the one hand, with a focus on theory and own research, and broadening education on the other, with a focus on society, entrepreneurship and leadership.

In the first year of the track, you will already get an idea of what kind of job opportunities are available in the archaeological field. By attending the Orientation Seminar, you can form an idea of what you want and what suits you. Maybe you want to conduct research or maybe you are more interested in heritage policies. The track will stimulate you to shape your skills and ambitions. Moreover, you will learn about all the possible options available.

By doing two short internships, you will get in touch with the field of research and the work of commercial, non-profit, and government agencies engaged in archaeology and heritage. You will be pushed to be the best that you can be, and you will be challenged to take the lead in your own development.

During the Theory Seminar, you will have a closer look at current issues in archaeology and learn to have critical and reflective discussions on the matters discussed.

In the final year of the Honours track, you will get the opportunity to choose one or two Honours classes that are being offered by all faculties of Leiden University and Leiden University College. Whether you want to combine archaeology with studies of philosophy or psychology or with International studies, it is all up to you. It is even possible to follow an honours-course from another university than Leiden University.

Besides the regular courses within the track, Honours Community also organises special events, such as social gatherings, academic lectures, and workshops and as an honours student you are part of that.

See for more information the programme in the e-Prospectus.

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