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Humanities make a difference!

Humanities are the wide range of disciplines that study human cultures, including their languages and histories, their religions, stories and myths, their shared beliefs and values, their poetry, novels, music and paintings. Humanities Lab challenges you to cross disciplinary borders when working on topical issues such as climate change, the Internet, war and peace, colonialism, identity, or biotechnology. These issues are too complex to be handled by any one discipline, either from the natural or social sciences, from law, medicine or the humanities. In the Humanities Lab you learn how to switch conceptual and methodological tools while focusing on different aspects of the problems at hand. You work together in small groups to improve our understanding of the many different connections involved, pushing toward possible solutions.

  • Explore connections between different disciplines
  • Work on topical issues of societal interest
  • Boost your academic skills and attitude

Learn about the Humanities Lab in 3 minutes

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There are two possible start dates for your Honours College track:

  • In the second semester of your first academic year
  • At the start of your second academic year

The duration of the programme will be 2 or 2.5 years, depending on your start date.

Feel free to contact our student ambassadors! They can tell you everything about our programme.

All students who have a good motivation to start the Humanities Lab programme, are encouraged to apply. We completely understand if you have not been able to complete your first year or if your grade average is lower than required or if there are any (other) circumstances we need to consider.

It is important to think about how you are going to plan your bachelor’s and Honours courses in the coming years, and how you may combine the Honours programme with a stay abroad or internship. It is a plan, it is not set in stone. You can always change your plans.

The Humanities Lab team will review all conditionally accepted students. If you meet the requirements, you will be automatically unconditionally be admitted. You will receive an email from us and an official acceptance letter from the Honours Academy. If there are any circumstances we need to consider, please contact us.


The programme structure is rather flexible. You can find more information on our website.

Humanities Lab 101 and the Capstone project are compulsory. For the Capstone project students can choose one of the topics on offer. Students choose two Key modules and one Advanced module from the modules on offer. You also have to take one Honours Class, to choose from a wide range of Classes offered by the Honours Academy.
Check the prospectus
 for more information about the courses and the course descriptions.


Yes, it is a rather flexible programme and if you plan ahead it is certainly possible to go abroad or do an internship. The programme schedule can help you plan your courses

You can find the courses on offer in the prospectus.

None of the Humanities Lab courses have exams. Usually the assessment includes different components: paper, presentation, etc. Most courses have experimental assessment methods as well like making a video or website or you may have to do an onsite presentation during an excursion. You can find the assessment methods per course in the course descriptions in the prospectus.


For Humanities Lab 101 students will be enrolled automatically. About one week before the start of the course, the course will show in your uSis account. For all other Humanities Lab courses, students have to register via an online form. This form will be provided on Brightspace (in the general Humanities Lab Brightspace module) and email about three weeks before the start of the course.

More information about registration for Honours Classes is available on the Honours Academy website.

Of course Humanities Lab will follow University regulations. For the first semester Humanities Lab 101 will be online. Some of the first semester Key modules will be offered online and some on-campus. Please check the timetable for more information and note that changes may still be made. We can’t provide any information yet for the second semester.

If you need to change your study plan, please contact Eelkje and Sieglinde, coordinators of the programme.
Information about how to change your individual programme is available in the prospectus.

More information is available on our websites:

We are always looking for students to join! Please contact Eelkje and Sieglinde, coordinators of the programme.

As long as the grades show in your ‘Course history’ there is no problem. Some grades don’t show automatically in your ‘Academic requirements’ in uSis. We will take care of this before you graduate. If you want this to be taken care of sooner, please contact Ralph Kijk in de Vegte from the student administration.

Please contact Ralph Kijk in de Vegte from the student administration.


If you are not able to meet this time limit due to exceptional circumstances, you can request an extension of time limit from the Honours Academy Board of Examiners. Check the website for more information.

Yes, that’s possible. If you have requested postponement of graduation from your bachelor’s programme, you can also request postponement of certification from the Honours Academy Board of Examiners. Check the website for more information.

The Humanities Lab team will check if you meet all requirements to be granted the Honours certificate. You will receive an email late August/ September from the Humanities Lab team about this.

The certificate ceremony (usually) takes place in November for all Honours College students from the entire University and is organised by the Honours Academy. In October you will receive an invitation for the ceremony from the Honours Academy.

Due to the Corona virus it is uncertain if there will be a ceremony in 2020 or what the ceremony will look like. The Honours Academy will inform you about this by email.


drs. Eelkje Meindertsma Honours College Coordinator
Sieglinde de Horde-Bollen LLM Honours College Coordinator
Reuvensplaats 3-4
2311 BE Leiden
Room 5
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Sara Hofkes and Fabius Schöndube Student Ambassadors
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