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Application and admission

Do you like the sound of the Honours College Science, Society & Self track? If so, take a look at the admission requirements and application procedures.

Admission requirements

  • You must obtain your first-year diploma (propedeuse) within one year (until then, admission is provisional);
  • You have the self-discipline and time to follow an extra programme;
  • You are interested in a broad range of intellectual issues;
  • Your average grade is 7.0 or higher. If you do not meet this requirement, you may still be admitted on the basis of your motivation, as shown in your application.


Start date

Application from

Application closes
2nd semester of first academic year December onwards 7 February 23:59
1st semester of second academic year   31 August 23:59


The following documents must be submitted with your application:

  1. Completed motivation form
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resumé

A recent transcript of your grades from your current Bachelor’s programme will be added to your application by the Student Services Centre FSW.

Do you have or expect (an) exemption(s)? Please mention this in the comment field on your online registration form. This information may be part of the selection procedure.

There are no additional fees associated with attending an Honours College track.

After application

Once you have submitted your application, the Admission Committee will decide whether you can be admitted.

  • If you have applied to begin in the second semester of your first academic year, you can be provisionally admitted and permitted to start your Honours studies. If you fulfil the admission condition of obtaining your propaedeutic (first-year) diploma within one year, as well as the other conditions, your admission will be made definitive in October.
  • If you have applied to begin in your second academic year, you will be informed at the beginning of September whether you are provisionally admitted and permitted to start your Honours study in September. Your admission will be made definitive in October after we have verified that you obtained your propaedeutic diploma within your first year.

Explanation of procedure     
For students that applied at the beginning of the second semester of their first year, we evaluate the applications and select students based on a combination of motivational aspects, feasibility of successful completion of the programme, and societal and cultural aspects as reflected in the students’ background and experiences.

If there are spaces available during the application period from June onwards, a lottery will be used to randomly choose which students are admitted to the programme.

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