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The Honours College track Science, Society and Self offers education that is interactive, interdisciplinary, and playful, oriented towards the personal and professional development of students. The track consists of 30 EC in addition to your regular bachelor programme.

In the first year you take part in the ‘Social Science Lab’. This course explores how the social sciences can address the broader and deeper challenges of the day. For this, you will not only engage with texts and movies, but also collaborate in an interdisciplinary think tank and learn from professionals. 

Although science, society and self are interdependent, they are commonly thought of as separate domains. The course therefore reflects on the need to consciously and strategically align science, society, and self to solve complex and interwoven problems.  

To get to know your fellow students and your Honours College coach, we dedicate a significant amount of time to community building within and outside the classroom.  

In year 2 you continue to work on your personal and professional development, by exploring what you want to be influenced by and how you want to influence yourself and the world. 

You choose at least one Honours Module (4 EC):  

  • Robots and Artificial Intelligence 

  • Sustainability and Health 

  • Juvenile Delinquency: Prevention and Repression 

You can choose to do a societal internship in your chosen area, such as an ambassy, municipality, or primary school. You can also learn more about how research works in practice by choosing a research internship, for instance by assisting your professor in your field of interest. It is also possible to participate in an elective from your own or another academic discipline. Another possibility for your second year is to do an Honours Class organised by the Honours Academy (more about this below). Overall, you can structure the second and third year according to your interest and study plan. Your coach is happy to help you with this. 

It is also possible to join the Science, Society and Self track from your second year onwards. In that case, you take 15 EC in your second year and 15 EC in your third year. 

Graduation ceremony


In year 3 you continue to work on your personal and professional development, by looking at how you can use academic knowledge for addressing complex contemporary problems.  
You choose at least one Honours Class (5 EC), choosing from a wide range of interdisciplinary, small-scale courses organized by the Honours Academy, including Summer Schools! You must take at least one Honours Class throughout the entire track, but may take up to three. 

You can also take an FSW Honours Elective Module (see list above). Here too it does not matter if you have already taken an Elective in your second year. You can also follow a Lecture Series or reflect on the annual Diversity & Inclusion Symposium (both also possible in year 2). 

In the final semester, you analyze societal challenges in the city of Leiden within an interdisciplinary team. You will collaborate with partner organizations, such as Leiden Police.  

You attend the Honours Symposium, were you learn all about taking the next step in your (academic) career. You can combine the Honours College with studying abroad in your third year. You can for instance take the course Reflective Journaling & Creative Expression, which is offered hybrid. 

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