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The FSW Honours College programme consists of 30 ECs in addition to your regular bachelor’s degree programme.

The first year prepares you for an expert role in a thinktank. You start by exploring your own motivations, interests, and capabilities, and your image of your future. This is part of the workshops Personal & Professional Development. You also examine your role in collaborative projects with other students and develop your skills in resolving conflicts.

After that, you will form a thinktank with students from various bachelor’s programmes. You and your thinktank will meet prominent scientists and experts from society who will help you to develop substantial expertise to assess current problems. After that, you will design an effective intervention fora social issue.

The workshop ‘Dealing with Stress’ helps you to remain in charge of your choices in stressful situations.

The second year starts with a two-day excursion to Texel. You get to know your fellow Honours students better and work together on ideas for a sustainable university. Later in the academic year, you choose a theme that will link up your activities in the Science & Society track. These introductory courses conclude with a series of presentations where students present their new insights and discuss them with each other. The themes are:

In the second year, you continue to work on your personal and professional development, by exploring your habits and challenges. Greater awareness can help you to improve in these areas.

In addition, you choose at least one elective given by the FSW Honours College. It is possible to follow courses in journalism, philosophy of behavioural change, juvenile delinquency, and the secret of successful organisations.


Alternatively, you can do an internship in your chosen theme area, or learn more about scientific research in a research internship. It is also possible to choose an elective from your own or another academic discipline, or a course from Leiden University College (LUC).

It is also possible to join the Science & Society track in your second year. In this case, you will have to earn 20 ECs within the second year.  

Graduation ceremony

In the final year, you take one of the University’s Honours classes, choosing from the wide range of interdisciplinary modules outside your own bachelor’s degree programme. You also extend your bachelor’s project by participating in an ongoing research project or by doing additional or more in-depth research of your own. The Honours Programme concludes with the Honours Conference, where you present the knowledge you have acquired. 

Studying abroad in your third year is also possible with the Honours College. Often you can take an extra course abroad to meet your Honours EC requirements. If your exchange programme does not allow that, you can take a summer school or do an internship during the summer. 

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