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Science & Society

The FSW Honours College offers you an interactive Honours track, alongside your regular bachelor’s degree programme.

Feed your curiosity: explore and experience in the FSW Honours College’s Science & Society track!


The Science & Society track connects theory and practice. As part of this track, you will learn how to apply your scientific knowledge and take an interdisciplinary approach to solving urgent societal issues. You will study topics like juvenile delinquency, digitalisation, robotisation, sustainability, and/or health in more depth.
You have a great deal of freedom to create your own programme based on your interests and there are possibilities for societal and research internships. You also pay a lot of attention to your own personal and professional development. Interactive workshops encourage you to think about your own purpose in life and how to achieve it.

The premise

Our starting premise is that you yourself are the owner of your professional future. The purpose of your academic studies and knowledge acquisition extends far beyond obtaining a degree. Eventually, you will take your place in the world, and play your part in changing it. This calls for a clear image of your own passion and mission, combined with knowledge of what is necessary and possible in science and society.

Who can take part?

The Honours College FSW is an inclusive learning environment. Our Science & Society track is aimed at students who are intrinsically motivated and willing to go the extra mile. These are students who want to:

  • examine the world from the perspective of different scientific disciplines;
  • explore and establish their personal motives and ideals for the future; and
  • gain knowledge and practical skills that can be applied in the future to solve real, contemporary issues in society.

The learning objectives

  • Create ownership of your own future, by formulating goals and an approach to achieve these goals;
  • Improve yourself by getting to know yourself better;
  • Be open to the viewpoints of others, on a professional and a personal level;
  • Familiarise yourself with the ways different academic disciplines approach and understand certain themes;
  • Analyse societal issues from different scientific perspectives, in order to find solutions;
  • Be capable of asking insightful and critical questions about the interaction between science and society; and
  • Learn how to study in a healthy way.

How it benefits you

  • Take part in interdisciplinary courses related to topics that make you curious; 
  •  Work together with and learn from a diverse and inclusive group of students from different cultural and study backgrounds in an open and safe study environment; 
  • Receive personal and group mentoring, as well as personal development coaching; 
  • Lay good foundations for making a responsible and professional contribution to society after your studies (see learning objectives); and
  • Graduate with an Honours College Certificate.

Honours College FSW coordinator

Esther Habers Honours College FSW coordinator
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