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Application & admission

Are you interested in enrolling in the Honours programme Tackling Global Challenges at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs? Here you will find an overview of the admission requirements and the admissions procedure.

Admissions Procedure TGC

The Honours programme has 80 places available per year. These places are allotted as follows:

  • 40 places are allocated to students from FGGA students who are enrolled in Public Administration or Security Studies and meet the requirements.
  • The other 40 available places are allocated to students from other faculties who meet the requirements based on a proportional distribution per study programme and a lottery system for each study programme .

Admission requirements

  • You will obtain your first-year diploma at the end of year 1. Admission is on a conditional basis until you have obtained your diploma.
  • You have the discipline and enough time available to take part in an additional programme;
  • You have an academic interest in today's challenges;
  • You are motived to dedicate yourself to your bachelor's and TGC and intend to successfully complete both programmes. You are required to complete your bachelor's studies with a minimum grade of 7.0 and to have successfully completed all Honours courses.
  • You have an grade average of 7.0 or higher and have obtained 30 EC by the end of January.


Start date


Second semester of first academic year December onwards
First semester of second academic year June onwards


You can apply from June.

The following documents must accompany your application:

  1. Recent transcript of grades
  2. Filled out motivation form

After application

Once you have submitted your application, the admission committee will decide whether you can be admitted.

If you have applied to begin in the second semester of your first academic year, you can be 'provisionally' admitted and permitted to start your honours studies. If you fulfil the admission condition of obtaining your propaedeutic (first-year) diploma within one year, your admission will be made 'definitive' in October.

If you have applied to begin in your second academic year, you will be informed whether you have been admitted in October, after we have verified that you have obtained your propaedeutic diploma on time.

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