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Individual track

If our faculty tracks don't fully match your personal interests, an individual track might be a good option for you. An individual track gives you the freedom to put together a programme that satisfies your personal interests and goals.

Put together your own programme

To do an individual track, you must compile and write your own study plan, detailing your personal learning trajectory. It is important that your trajectory is focused on specific personal and academic development goals. You must prove that the courses in your individual track are challenging enough to be considered honours worthy. To ensure that your study plan meets all the requirements, contact your bachelor programme’s honours coordinator in advance. They can offer advice when writing your study plan and preparing your application.

An individual track is very challenging. We therefore recommend that you first familiarise yourself with our faculty tracks to make sure these are not a better option for you. An individual track requires a high level of discipline and autonomy. Experience shows that students following an individual track often encounter scheduling conflicts, admission requirement issues and other practical difficulties. These can present quite a challenge. Keep in mind that regular faculty tracks also offer a lot of freedom and allow you to tailor your programme to suit your personal interests and goals.

Your programme should meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 30 EC, of which 20 EC consists of research activities or high-level education;

  • Contains at least one 5 EC Honours Class;

  • Approval must be granted by the Honours College board of examiners of the faculty of your regular bachelor's programme.

In addition to the general criteria, each faculty has specific criteria. You can read about these criteria in our prospectus under your faculty’s ‘individual track’ tab. If you have any questions, please contact the faculty track honours coordinator.

You must submit your study plan to the Faculty Track Honours Board of Examiners before the end of the second year of bachelor. Therefore, should you need to make changes to your individual programme, you should ask this Board of Examiners for permission to do so and please get in touch with your honours coordinator.

Marjolijn van Raaij

Individual track Honours student

Marjolijn van Raaij

"I am very interested in journalism and media, and an individual track was the perfect way for me to create an Honours programme around those themes. I was pleasantly surprised by all the options that were available to me. I took a photography class through the ‘’Practicum Artium’’, a collaboration between Leiden University and the KABK. Another highlight was an Honours Class on fiction and creative writing, taught by author Pauline Slot."


There are two possible start dates for your Honours College track:

  • In the second semester of your first academic year
  • At the start of your second academic year

In general, it is possible to combine an Honours track with other study activities, such as a stay abroad, internship or a relevant board position. Discuss the options with your Honours Coordinator.


Upon successful completion of your individual track, you’ll be awarded a certificate and have your Honours College credits mentioned on your diploma supplement.


Faculty Coordinators

Archaeology Marike van Aerde
Governance and Global Affairs Annette Righolt
Humanities Sieglinde de Horde and Eelkje Meindertsma
Law Claudia Bouteligier en Kirsten Penders
Medicine (LUMC) Nelleke Gruis
Science Mionne Laman
Social and Behavioural Sciences Esther Habers

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