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Individual track

Would you like to put together your own honours programme, tailored to suit your interests and ambitions? If so, choose an individual honours track.

Put together your own programme

If you choose an individual track you can put together your own study programme. This gives you a great deal of freedom. Your individual programme must be approved by the Honours College Board of Examiners, so you’ll be asked to draw up a study plan in advance. Your faculty’s honours coordinator can help you with this. In your plan, you should describe the learning pathway (common thread) running through your individual track. You must also demonstrate that the courses you will follow are at honours level.

Your programme should meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 30 EC, of which 20 EC consist of research activities or high-level education;
  • Contains at least one 5 EC Honours Class;
  • Approval by the board of examination.

In addition to the general criteria, each faculty has specific criteria. Please ask your honours coordinator which additional criteria apply for your faculty. You have to submit your study plan to the Honours College Board of Examiners before the end of your second Bachelor year, at the latest.

Kyra van Meijgaarden

Individual track Honours student

Kyra van Meijgaarden

"An individual track gives you the opportunity to compose your own study programme, specifically geared towards your learning goals. Your study plan has to meet a number of requirements and you must follow certain compulsory subjects together with other honours students. What made the track so enjoyable for me was the freedom of choice and collaboration with other students!"


There are two possible start dates for your Honours College track:

  • In the second semester of your first academic year
  • At the start of your second academic year

In general, it is possible to combine an Honours track with other study activities, such as a stay abroad, internship or a relevant board position. Discuss the options with your Honours Coordinator.


Upon successful completion of your individual track, you’ll be awarded a certificate and have your Honours College credits mentioned on your diploma supplement.

Practicum Musicae


Practicum Musicae

If you play a musical instrument very well, you can choose to follow an Honours Practicum Musicae as your individual track. This means you will follow a regular Practicum Musicae programme at the Royal Conservatoire as well as carrying out research. On top of that, you can follow an Honours Class. For more information refer to the Prospectus.

Music Theory

Are you interested in the theoretical side of music? If so, you can choose to follow the music programme as your individual track. For more information, contact the track coordinators via honours@hum.leidenuniv.nl.


Faculty Coordinators

Archaeology Maaike de Waal
Governance and Global Affairs Annette Righolt
Humanities Sieglinde de Horde and Eelkje Meindertsma
Law Klaas Boonen and Marleen Fleer
Medicine (LUMC) Nelleke Gruis
Science Mionne Laman
Social and Behavioural Sciences Nienke van der Heide

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