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The programme (15 EC) runs from November to June and consists of two courses: a lecture series and a space challenge. 


This programme is only offered in English. 

Part 1: LDE Space Fundamentals and Interactions (5 EC)

You will start the programme with LDE Space Fundamentals and Interactions. Experts from the three universities, as well as guest speakers from the space sector, introduce you to the key fundamentals of space disciplines and how these disciplines interact.

The lecture programme consists of four modules:

  1. Space Applications & Exploration
  2. Space Business & Innovation
  3. Space Law, Governance & Society
  4. Space Engineering & Technology

Part 2: LDE Space Challenge (10 EC)

The second part of the programme is the LDE Space Challenge. You will work in a small, interdisciplinary team of students on real-life interdisciplinary space challenges. These challenges will address problems faced by the space sector in current and future space activities, and/or challenges for which the space sector requires an immediate solution. 

Some examples of possible challenges:

  • Develop solutions to handle space debris that is currently becoming a bigger threat for future space activities
  • Draft a plan for international exploration of the Moon or Mars
  • Create a business plan for monitoring climate change mitigations from space


More details about the courses (schedule, skills, objectives) can be found in the prospectus

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