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Workshops & Courses

Every academic year, the POPcorner offers a wide range of workshops and courses to help you learn how to learn. Workshops are available in both Dutch and English.

You can join most workshops online via Kaltura or in person at Lipsius 0.16. You can sign up through the registration form at the bottom of this page.

Testimonial of a participant

'I followed the workshop Time Management. For me, it was very helpful to gain valuable tools to manage my time. Especially during Covid when everything was online and little to no contact to be had with peers outside of the online workspace. I personally tend to over-plan my time and therefore get completely overwhelmed with way too many tasks. Therefore it was a game-changer for me to realize that I can choose to work only during certain hours of the day and have so-called "wild cards" scheduled during my week that allow me to be more flexible with my organizing.'

- Unnur Hlíf Rúnarsdóttir, President of de L.K.V. 2021-2022

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