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Current research projects

You can now apply for the Research Traineeship Programme 2023. In the proposals below you can find more information on how to apply for each project.

The deadline to apply is Friday 18 November 2022.

Please note the following:

  • In order to be eligible for the traineeship you have to be a third-year BA or (res)MA student registered with the Faculty of Humanities for the entire period of the traineeship (1 February until the 31 August 2023). This means you cannot graduate early.
  • All students have to be in the Netherlands in order to take part in the traineeship.
  • Students from outside of the EU/EER need a valid Dutch health insurance. Please arrange this yourself before the start of the traineeship. If necessary, the university will also request a work permit.

Overview of projects




Global Privateering

Prof. Cátia Antunes


Dr. Gerhard de Kok

Madelon Harmsen


Giacomo Mastrogregori

Medicine and Propaganda in the Empire of Japan 1895-1945

Dr. Maurits Meerwijk


Dr. Ethan Mark

Jeroen van de Linde


Thorsten Hopman

Questions and disinformation: a cross-linguistic comparison

Dr. Matthijs Westera


Prof. Jenny Doetjes

Fenna Berger


María del Mar Forero Mesa

A Latin-Arabic Encounter: Leiden humanism and the East at the outset of Orientalism

Dr. Peter Webb


Dr. Christoph Pieper

Duncan Kampschuur


Amina el-Kabary

Monitoring Discontent: The Dutch Countryside. Rural unrest and the problem of national security in the Netherlands, 1830-1848

Dr. Diederik Smit


Dr. Maartje Janse


Prof. dr. Wim Voermans

Jessie van Straaten


Dies van der Marel

Legal and Philosophical Perspectives on Climate Justice for Small Island Developing States

Dr. Tim Meijers


Dr. Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh


Dr. Jelena Belic

Rush Massey


Clara Mendes Pereira

Bank-Courant te Batavia: The First Modern Bank (1746-1814)

Dr. Noelle Richardson


Prof. Cátia Antunes

Philipp Huber

‘Plurinationality’ in the new constitutions in Latin American - The Chilean case in comparative perspective

Dr. Pablo Isla Monsalve


Dr. Soledad Valdivia Rivera

Paulina Bastián Alvarado


Jurriaan Hoenderdos

Grieks-zijn in Rome. Grafepigrammen, culturele identiteit en migratie in de keizertijd

Prof. dr. Casper de Jonge


Dr. Rens Tacoma

Janis Oomen


Thirza Vis

Orders of Magnitude: Rethinking Size, Scale, and Mass in European Science and Politics, 1850-1950

Dr. Anne Heyer


Dr. Johannes Müller

Paulien Koster


Berend Buiten

How replicable are bilingual interactive processing effects?

Dr. Jurriaan Witteman


Dr. Leticia Pablos-Robles

Ekaterina Karaseva


Chih Chieh Wang


*Merel Drop
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