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Current research projects

The Review Committee has selected 11 projects for the Research Traineeship Programme 2021. You can find more information on how to apply for a project in each of the proposals below.

Students can apply until Monday the 23rd of November 2020. The trainees will be selected after this deadline.

Please note the following:

  • In order to be eligible for the traineeship you have to be a third-year BA or (res)MA student registered with the Faculty of Humanities for the entire period of the traineeship (1 February until the 31 August 2021). This means you cannot graduate early.
  • Students from outside the EU have to be in the Netherlands. They require a work permit, and have to submit papers to Jobmotion in person to start the application prior to the start of the traineeship.
  • Students from the EU who are working from the Netherlands need a valid Dutch health insurance as of the 1st of February. This has to be arranged before the start of the traineeship.
Project Supervisors Trainees

We have never been secular. Towards a history of religious coping strategies during pandemics

Dr. Paul van Trigt

Dr. Tom-Eric Krijger

Lorenza Cirillo

Thijs Scherjon

Othering Non-White People(s) in German Literary and Visual Culture (1850-1920): Origins and Long-term Effects

Dr. Diana Natermann

Dr. Johannes Müller

Jan Becker

Leonie Rupp

Good men? Civic virtues in Roman memory culture

Dr. Miko Flohr

Dr. Christoph Pieper

Janis Oomen

Marianne Bakker

In search of the storyteller in Africa and in the diaspora: From performance to text to performance again

Prof. dr. Maarten Mous

Dr. Annachiara Raia

Junma Zhou

Anne Makimei

PRO-SPECT – The Spectacle of Prostitution and the making of a modern city, Amsterdam, ca. 1880-1950

Dr. Marion Pluskota

Drs. Fresco Sam-Sin

Emma Verweij

Remko Prins

Who makes History? Authority, ownership and remembrance of the past in a multidimensional Leiden neighbourhood, Transvaal 1860-2025

Prof. dr. Ariadne Schmidt

Prof. dr. Jan-Bart Gewald

Dr. Alicia Schrikker

Marjolein Oosting

Felix Kram

Investigating the translation of code-switching by language and translation students: a Dutch-Spanish, Dutch-Portuguese and Dutch-English comparison

Dr. Susana Valdez

Dr. Maria Carmen Parafita Couto

Bregje van Gastel

Bo Sterken

When Philosophers meet Linguists: the Conceptual Engineering Project

Dr. Lauren Fonteyn

Dr. Martin Lipman

Nina Haket

Luc Lichtsteiner

Romeins nepnieuws? De Handelingen van Pontius Pilatus als documentaire fictie

Dr. Rens Tacoma

Dr. Peter Burger

Anne Vorwald

Indira Huliselan

Leiden Wall Poems: a Mixed Methods Study of their History, Reception and Impact

Dr. Jan Sleutels

Prof. dr. Marina Terkourafi

Zuzanna Duijnmayer

Merle van Lier
How to Publish a Document in Cursive Script

Dr. Koen Donker van Heel

Dr. Ben Haring

Cheyenne Cozijnsen


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