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Research projects

The Review Committee has selected 11 projects for the Research Traineeship Programme 2020. You can find more information on how to apply for a project in the proposals below. The deadline for students to apply is the 1st of December 2019.

Please note: In order to be eligible for the traineeship you have to be a third-year BA or (res)MA student registered with the Faculty of Humanities for the entire period of the traineeship (1February until 31 August 2020). As part of the traineeship you also have to attend an opening meeting, training sessions and a final poster presentation.





Pour aprendre romain’ Learning French Outside of France, 1250-1600

Dr. Krista Murchison

Dr. Alisa van de Haar


Monuments and Antiquity in Muslim Imaginations

Prof. Joanita Vroom

Dr. Peter Webb


Texts and Tellings: A Combined literary and linguistic analysis of Iraqw tales, Tanzania

Dr. Annachiara Raia

Prof. dr. Maarten Mous


Dutch Missionaries and Deaf Education in Africa

Prof. dr. Monika Baar

Dr. Hope Morgan


Rebel Groups and Strategic Practices

Prof. dr. Isabelle Duyvesteyn

Dr. Marina Calculli


Environmental Policy Towards the Brazilian Amazon, Past and Present

Prof. Edmund Amann

Dr. Jeroen Touwen


Tracking the reception of new knowledge in Low Countries’ chronicles, 1500-1850

Prof. Judith Pollmann

Dr. Gijsbert Rutten


North-South relations in the context of changing global alliances: transformation of EU-ACP trade relations

Dr. Anna-Isabelle Richard

Dr. Vera Scepanovic


Confusion of tongues – A new digital tool for studying Babylon’s multi-ethnic society

Prof. dr. Caroline Waerzeggers

Dr. Alwin Kloekhorst

Dr. Margaretha Folmer

Dr. Melanie Gross


Bilingual dictionaries and their impact on the Persian language

Dr. Siavash Rafiee Rad

Prof. Sasha Lubotsky


The mechanisms of dialogue in health communication

Dr. Roosmaryn Pilgram

Dr. Geert Warnar



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