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Brightspace Leiden Law School

Brightspace is the digital learning environment at Leiden University .

Enrolling in Brightspace

To enter a course in Brightspace, you are required to register through MyStudymap. Enrolling directly in Brightspace is not possible. How do you get access to a Brightspace course?

  • Make sure to register for at least one activity of the relevant course via MyStudymap (click here for more information on registration for courses). You will usually register for workgroups; if they are not offered or you do not plan on attending the workgroups, then register for the lectures.
  • Registering for the lectures is also possible after classes have started.
  • Once you have registered in MyStudymap, you will be able to access the related course in Brightspace. Your course offering(s) will be listed in Brightspace under 'My Courses'.
  • Please note: some students are registered for courses in MyStudymap by the OIC, such as first-year (tutor)students or exchange students. Those students will also have access for the related course in Brightspace after the registration.

The course description in the Prospectus will indicate whether the course can be found in Brightspace.

The Brightspace course offering is usually published one to two weeks before the course start date.

You can only disenroll from a Brightspace course by deregistering for the course in MyStudymap.

Getting started with Brightspace

Log into Brightspace using your ULCN log-in details. For general information and instructions on how to use Brightspace, visit https://studentuniversiteitleiden.screenstepslive.com/.


Do you have any questions about Brightspace and/or are you unable to get started? Please contact the faculty team at brightspace@law.leidenuniv.nl.

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