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Studying in times of corona

As a result of the coronavirus situation, all study programmes have moved to online teaching and assessment. This will be the case until the end of the academic year.


28 May

No exchange programmes first semester 2020 – 2021

Exchange programmes within and outside Europe will not go ahead in the first semester for both Leiden students going abroad and international exchange students coming to Leiden. Read more

20 May

Restrictive measures eased

Now that we are starting to see a flattening of the coronavirus curve, the measures – including those for the universities – are being eased in a series of ‘baby steps’. An important measure that is being relaxed is that from 15 June practicals and exams can take place at universities, as was announced on 19 May. Read here what this means for Leiden University students

15 May

Start a master’s programme despite a study delay
If you would like to begin a master’s programme at Leiden University, but will be unable to complete your bachelor's programme before the end of the academic year, we as a university would like to offer a solution. Read more

14 May

USC Leiden resumes outdoor sports in phases
The University Sports Center Leiden (USC) will resume outdoor sports in phases. Advance reservation is required. Only members can make reservations. Sports must be practiced according to the official NOC*NSF-sports protocol. Read more

6 May

14 April

7 April

2 April

Also check the general corona updates every day

Online education until the end of the academic year

As a result of the coronavirus situation, all study programmes have moved to online teaching. In principle, all education will be online until the end of the academic year.

Assessments and practical classes can be held on location from 15 June onwards

The easing of the government's corona measures means that from 15 June onwards, a small number of educational activities that cannot take place online can be held in university buildings. 

The following activities will be given priority in the period 15 June till the end of the academic year: 

  • Practical classes and assessments that cannot be held remotely;
  • Access for graduating students who cannot complete their graduation projects without entering university buildings;
  • Tutoring of vulnerable students.

Your study programme will let you know if this will result in any changes for you.

Read more about the easing of the corona measures.  

Information and support

We realise that this is a difficult situation that requires a great deal of adaptation on your part. You probably have a lot of questions or might be encountering difficulties. We are doing all we can to make sure you receive the information and support you need.  

On this website you can find answers to your questions, practical information about facilities, services and IT, and tips for following online classes and studying from home.

If you can’t find the information you need, get in touch. In the ‘contact’ block on this page you can find out who to contact with your questions.

Information about courses and assessments

Your lecturers will let you know how and when your online courses and assessments will take place, either via Blackboard, Brightspace or the method they usually use to contact you.

Practical classes

The easing of the government's corona measures means that practical classes can take place in university buildings from 15 June onwards. Your lecturer will let you know via Blackboard or Brightspace if this will result in any changes for you. 

Read more about the easing of the corona measures.  

If your practical classes cannot take place, your lecturers will provide you with information about possible solutions, for example replacing them with alternative assignments or postponing them till later in your programme.


Even in these difficult times, it is essential that you can be assured that you are receiving a good education. Your study programme is doing all it can to ensure that teaching and assessment continues to meet the same quality requirements as usual. Read here about how the university is overseeing the quality of online teaching.   

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