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Studying in times of corona

As of Monday 23 March, all degree programmes and associated courses will start moving to online teaching and assessment.


Laptops for online assessments
If you don't have a suitable computer for an online assessment, you can borrow a laptop from Plexus Student Centre.

Don't use Zoom
If you use Zoom, your privacy is not guaranteed. Instead, use one of the other options offered by the university, such as Microsoft Teams or Kaltura LiveRoom.

Update your computer
Cybercriminals are very active at present. They are trying to exploit the current unprecedented situation. Protect your home computer in 4 easy steps.

Code of conduct remote teaching
The new Code of conduct on remote teaching is now online. This code of conduct for both students and staff establishes guidelines for teaching and learning via remote environments and covers matters such as privacy and online etiquette.

Healthy University @Home
On Healthy University @home you can find tips and tricks for healthy and responsible home study. Discover what you can do to stay physically and mentally fit in these exceptional circumstances.

Also check the daily corona updates

To the updates

Until the end of the academic year

This remote teaching and assessment will apply to the end of period 3 and for the duration of period 4, so until the end of this academic year. There will be no more face-to-face teaching during this period.
This is a momentous decision. Switching to remote teaching will require a huge effort from everyone and will take some getting used to. We therefore don't want to burden you, our students, with such a major change again in the near future. We hope that this decision will give you peace of mind. If the government relaxes its corona measures, we don't rule out the possibility of reintroducing certain forms of face-to-face teaching or assessment. In principle, however, remote teaching will be the guiding principle for all our degree programmes and courses for the rest of this academic year.

Information from lecturers and through Blackboard and Brightspace

Your lecturers will inform you about what online teaching and assessment will mean for your programme and courses. They will do so through Blackboard, Brightspace or whichever way they usually contact you. Our lecturers are busting a gut to get everything ready in time for online teaching and assessment. Please appreciate that you may not receive information from all courses and lecturers straight away.


To ensure you have time to revise, your study programme will notify you about each assessment moment at least five working days in advance. This is of course the minimum notification period.
We have asked the lecturers to make sure that you have sufficient time to prepare for assessments. The applies to all forms of assessment. If you are unable to take part in an assessment, for example if you are ill, please notify your study adviser and we will work together to find a solution.


Even in these unprecedented times, you have the right to access our education. The university will do its utmost to make sure you can access all your educational materials and follow your classes. Is this proving to be problematic? Take a look for possible solutions on the Facilities, services and IT page, the tips page or the FAQ section on this website. If that doesn’t help, contact your study adviser. He or she can help you to look for a solution.


Even in these difficult times, it is essential that you can rest assured that you are receiving a good education. Your degree programme is doing all it can to ensure that the teaching and assessment meet the quality requirements and other agreements set out in the OER (Course and Examination Regulations) for your degree programme. As this situation is exceptional, it may be necessary at times to decide on minor deviations from the OER.


A decision has not yet been made about practicals. We are investigating whether remote teaching is a viable replacement or whether you can catch up on them later in the programme, for instance. You will receive further information as soon as possible.


We appreciate that these and other measures will have a great impact on our students and lecturers, and we can imagine that we have not yet answered all your questions. If you do have further questions, please contact your lecturer or study adviser.

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