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Frequently asked questions

Study and assessments

You can find information about your courses and assessments in Brightspace or the prospectus.

Also take a look at the assessments page for general information about online exams and proctoring (online exam invigilation). 

Academic year 2020-21
This academic year there are more options for on-campus teaching. However, as a result of the one-and-a-half-metre rule and other safety measures, we are still unable to make full use of our teaching facilities. This means students will be offered a mixture of on-campus and online teaching at the start of the academic year. International students who are affected by potential travel restrictions will be able to start their degree programme online. Options will differ per study programme. 

Visit the library website for the latest information on the library's adapted services.

If and where you can do an internship depends on the measures taken within the organisation where you want to intern. Discuss the situation with your contact person at the organisation, or if necessary, talk to your internship coordinator.

Some assessments will take place online, others will be held on-campus. If online assessments are offered, participation is mandatory. You are entitled to retakes in conformity with your study programme’s education and examination regulations (OER). Follow the instructions provided by the course coordinator via Brightspace.

See the assessments page for further information on online assessments and proctoring (online exam invigilation).

Our lecturers are supported in their remote teaching by Leiden University’s Centre for Innovation and Graduate Teaching School (ICLON). The university has also created a website that provides academic staff with guidance and advice on online teaching. All lecturers are required to adhere to Leiden University's Code of Conduct on Remote Teaching, that sets clear guidelines for matters such as clarity, assessment, communication, etiquette and privacy. 

Course and exam enrolement procedures remain the same. You can enrol for courses and exams via uSis or at the Education Adminstration Office, depending on your study programme. Read more under course and exam enrolment.

Follow the guidelines set by LUMC.

First contact your lecturer. Be patient and have confidence that your lecturer will resolve the problem, even if it might take a little while. If the problem is not resolved, contact your study adviser. He or she will hep you find a solution.

Study abroad

Exchange programmes

All exchange programmes have been cancelled for both the first and second semester of the academic year 2020/2021. The Executive Board has taken this decision as the uncertainty surrounding the health situation, travel advice and capacity constraints at universities in the Netherlands and abroad is likely to continue over the coming months. We realise that this is extremely disappointing.

If you had planned to study abroad in this period, we will contact you to look into alternatives. The university is currently exploring options to increase the number of electives or possibilities for a minor.

Other study-related activities (non-exchange)

Are you planning to go abroad  for another study-related activity, for example an internship, fieldwork or research project? If so, in exceptional circumstances you can request permission to do so. 

Requesting permission

In principle, you may only request permission to go to areas classified as yellow or green in the government’s travel advice. Exceptions may be made for code orange areas if the destination in question is your home country. You must also have agreed your plans in advance with your faculty contact person and understand that the trip is at your own risk. See full details.  

Study Abroad Festival presentations

If you haven't yet made plans but are interested in studying abroad, take a look at the presentations and films from this year's Study Abroad Festival. Here you can find out about the options available to you, learn how to apply and hear about other students' experiences. 

You can currently only request an Erasmus+ or LUSTRA+ scholarship if you have been granted permission to study abroad. More information is available on the scholarships website.

For other scholarships, please contact the scholarship provider for information. 

Reimbursement via the university

The deadline for requesting reimbursement via the university has now expired. 

That depends on procedures at your host university. Get in touch with your contact person at your host institution or ask your international exchange coordinator for advice.

As all exchange programmes have unfortunately been cancelled for the academic year 2020-2021, Leiden University will not be awarding any Holland Scholarships this year. If you would like to request a Holland Scholarship for the academic year 2021-2022, you will need to submit a new application. Go to the scholarship page to find out more.

Facilities and IT

There are a limited number of study places available in the library and certain faculty buildings. To make use of these, you have to reserve a time slot in advance. Reserve a study place.

The University Library has set up workstations so that students can access files on their P-drive. Call the library in advance to book a time slot. For more information and to book a slot see the UB website.

You are responsible for making sure you have  a suitable computer and sufficient internet access. You can also follow online classes on your mobile phone. If this doesn’t help, ask your fellow students for assistance. If you are still having problems, contact your study adviser. In exceptional cases you may be able to borrow a laptop from the university. 

You can borrow a laptop from Plexus Student Centre to do your online assessment. You can keep the laptop for a maximum of one day.

You can make an appointment to print, copy and scan at the university library

Support and guidance

Are circumstances causing you to fall behind in your studies, for example are you having problems concentrating, or are you unwell or caring for a sick family member? Contact your study adviser right away. He/she will be able to advise you and guide you in how to deal with study delay

Contact Fenestra Disability Centre, the university’s information centre for students with a disability. Fenestra staff will help you to look for a solution and, if required, refer you to other sources of assistance. 

It is understandable that you may be anxious or concerned about the situation. You may, for example, experience difficulty concentrating or sleeping, hyper vigilance about your own health, anger, panic or feelings of helplessness.

On the Healthy University @Home website you can find a wide range of tips on how to deal with these feelings and the support available to you via the university.

If you need additional help or support, contact the student support services, tel: 071-527 8025 (Mon to Fri, 09.00-17.00), or send an email to: studentsupport@leidenuniv.nl.  

As you are spending most of your day in your room, it’s natural that may start to feel lonely.

On the Healthy University @Home website you can read about the steps you can take to help you feel better, as well as the support offered by the university. 

For international students, the International Student Network (ISN) offers a buddy system.

You can find more advice in this blog on quarantine: how to beat the humdrum of isolation

If you need additional help or support, contact the Student Support Services, tel: 071-527 8025 (Mon to Fri, 09.00-17.00), or send an email to: studentsupport@leidenuniv.nl.  

Even though physical appointments can no longer take place, you can still contact the university’s guidance and advice services online or by phone. Go to the study guidance and advisers section of the website and look on the page of the relevant adviser or guidance service. Here you can find information on how to make contact, as well as the options for online or telephone appointments.

Leiden University offers a buddy service for students in self-quarantine. Your buddy can provide you with online moral support and social interaction, as well as practical tips for students in self-quarantine. If you are unable to order groceries online, your buddy can also do your grocery shopping up to twice a week. 

We will do our best to provide you with a buddy, however please be aware this may not always be possible due to capacity issues. If we are unable to find you a buddy, we will instead refer you to other external resources. 

International students

Yes, you can. For the remainder of period 3 and all of period 4, in other words until the end of the current academic year, all teaching and assessment will take place online. No face-to-face teaching will be given in this period. If the government decides to ease the corona measures, we are not ruling out that certain specific forms of face-to-face education may be resumed. However, if this occurs, suitable alternatives will be sought for international students who have returned to their home countries. 

Note for residence permit holders
If you are leaving the Netherlands temporarily or permanently due to the corona situation, it is very important that you notify the Visa Team by email.

There are two possible scenarios.

  1. You can remain registered as a student, continue paying tuition fees (if applicable) and follow your courses online from home. If you choose this option, your residence permit will remain valid until the original expiry date. However, it is very important that you notify the Visa Team of your situation by email!  If you later wish to return to the Netherlands to continue studying, you can do so as long as your residence permit is still valid. If your permit will expire during your absence and you have not completed your studies, please contact the visa team to discuss your options.
  2. You can cancel your student registration via Studielink and discontinue your studies. Your student residence permit will then be cancelled. Again, it is important that you notify the Visa Team of your situation by email. If you later want to come back to the Netherlands to pick up your studies, you will need to apply for a new visa and/or residence permit and request permission from your study programme. 
  • If you plan to leave the Netherlands for less than 8 months, you do not have to cancel your registration with the municipality. However, if you are ending your housing contract you should try to change your registration at the town hall to ‘registration at a postal address only’ (in Dutch: “briefadres”) if this is possible.
  • If you plan to leave for longer than 8 months, or if you unexpectedly stay away for longer than 8 months, you must cancel your town hall registration.

Note for residence permit holders
If you have a Dutch residence permit, you must remain registered at a Dutch town hall, either at a residence or postal address, to remain entitled to your permit. If you wish to retain your residence permit, but you are unable to remain registered with the municipality or you have already cancelled your town hall registration, contact the Visa Team by email and we will look into possible solutions.

If you are leaving the Netherlands temporarily or permanently due to the corona situation, it is very important that you notify the Visa Team by email.

For the remainder of the second semester you can continue following your courses and taking assessments online. We understand that it may prove challenging to adapt to this form of education, but we encourage you to do your best to keep up with your studies. Take a look at the tips page for advice on how to successfully study online.

If you are unable to obtain 50% of the required study credits for the academic year 2019-2020, or cannot complete your premaster programme, as a result of the corona measures, please contact your study adviser or coordinator right away.  

The IND and Leiden University are looking into the implications of this situation for student residence permit holders and we expect to publish further information on this website soon.

Please inform your exchange coordinator of your plans, so they can send you instructions.

As all exchange programmes have been cancelled for the first semester of the academic year 2020 – 2021, you will unfortunately not be able to resume your exchange programme next semester. At this stage we cannot confirm whether you will be able rejoin us at a later date, but we will consider all such requests. Please ask the International Office of your home university to get in touch with your exchange coordinator in Leiden to discuss the options.

Previously, AON international student policy holders were insured in their home country for a maximum period of eight weeks. However, as many students will exceed this limit having returned to their home countries early, AON has decided to extend this period.

If you have a valid AON student insurance policy you will remain insured in your home country until 31 December 2020, on the following conditions: 

  • You remain registered as a student of Leiden University.
  • You can demonstrate that you are continuing your studies online.

Please note that: 

  • During this extended period, you are insured for medical emergencies only.
  • Costs amounting to a maximum of two times Dutch basic healthcare tariffs are covered.
  • If your policy expires before 31 Decemeber 2020, you are only insured until your policy expiry date.

For further information, contact Aon student insurance.

Financial matters

Students receiving DUO student finance (studiefinanciering)

My basic or top-up grant will soon end
If your entitlement to a basic or top-up grant will come to an end in July, August or September 2020, you may be entitled to compensation from DUO. If you are eligible, you will automatically receive the funds in your bank account by 30 September at the latest. Read more on the DUO website.

All students

I will finish my master’s programme late
If you will complete your master’s programme in the period September 2020 to January 2021, you will receive a one-off compensation payment of up to 535 euro from DUO. You do not need to submit a request. If DUO has your bank account details on file, the funds will be deposited into your account in the first quarter of 2021.

Foreign students who live abroad and students who are not involved with DUO, can provide a foreign address at the municipality where they were last registered. This will be entered in the Non-Residents Register (RNI) and also sent to DUO. This way, DUO can contact you in writing to request any missing data.
Read more on the DUO site.

I have fallen behind due to illness or caring responsibilities
If you have fallen behind in your studies because you or a family member have (had) coronavirus, because you have been caring for a sick family member or loved one, or because you are combining studying with looking after children who have to stay home, you can request financial support via the Regulations on financial support for students (FOS) if you fulfil all criteria. Contact your study adviser as quickly as possible to discuss your situation and study plan.

We are working hard to offer online education, guarantee the continuity of education and prevent students from falling behind with their studies. In line with national policy, you are still required to pay tuition fee.

Health and hygiene

On the university website you can find information about precautionary measures in the time of corona. Also take a look in the health and hygiene section of the corona FAQ
For tips and advice on staying physically and mentally healthy in these exceptional circumstances, visit the Healthy University@home website

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