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Due to the corona measures, some assessments will take place on campus and others will be held online. Your study programme will let you know how, when and where assessments will take place.

Digital assessments

Digital assessments can take different forms, for example open-book exams, oral exams and essays. For these types of assessment, tools such as Kaltura, Brightspace and the exam platforms ANS and Remindo are used. 

Online proctoring

If the above-mentioned types of assessment are not an option, your lecturer might instead opt for an exam with online proctoring. This means your exam will be digitally invigilated. The university uses the following two systems for online proctoring: ProctorExam and Proctorio.

ProctorExam and Proctorio

ProctorExam and Proctorio make it possible for your exam to be invigilated via your webcam. The difference between the two is that ProctorExam uses a human proctor who can watch live during the exam or watch the recording of your exam, whereas Proctorio records data such as images and sound that are later analysed by software. If the software flags any suspicious behaviour, this will be sent to a university staff member for evaluation.

In the near future, the university plans to switch to the use of Proctorio only. This is because Proctorio allows more students to take an exam at once, which means only one exam moment is required. It is also easier to integrate into existing platforms, thus making it more user friendly for both students and staff. 


When you take part in an exam with online proctoring your privacy is well protected. We ensure that only strictly essential data is collected and that this is dealt with with the utmost care. You can read how we do this in the ProctorExam privacy statement and Proctorio privacy statement

What type of assessment?

You will be notified what form your assessment will take well in advance.

Prepare yourself well

Questions and answers about online proctoring

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