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Day 1 - 8 March 2022

Each round includes presentations and workshops. The presentations last 45 minutes, the workshops 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Steven Dossou of Transformation Zone opens the FLO days with his keynote presentation.


'The Youth Ultimate Guide to Succeed at Anything'

Featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, Steven Dossou is an Inspirational TEDx Speaker, Author, co-founder of Leadership University, Owner of Sail Force Catalyst, a platform dedicated to training Coaches & Speakers. 

Steven has impacted thousands of lives on a global scale, nicknamed "Action Man". He is viewed by his peers as a charismatic visionary who undoubtedly believes in unleashing the human potential by inspiring people to break their boundaries and redefine their limits. As a living testimony, Steven has followed his dreams and recreated a new path by elevating himself from humble beginnings in his country of origin (Togo-West Africa) to leadership and impactful roles on a global platform.

Sail Force Catalyst is a platform dedicated to training Coaches & Speakers which is owned by Steven.

Round 1

Linde Nieman, Neuropsychologist, at Ruststokers

This presentation will be presented in Dutch. For more information, please visit the Dutch website.

defensity college

Farah Koppelaar, Defensity College

This presentation will be presented in Dutch. For more information, please visit the Dutch website.


Theodora Seliniotaki, Lecturer at Leiden University

What adolescents with a history of abuse taught me: the role of a psychologist at a welfare institute

When you are a Psychologist you constantly battle with wondering if you did a good job and if you helped enough. Experience comes with practice and with getting as many jobs as possible to get familiar with as many different groups of patients as possible. What happens though when you manage to get a job at an institute that hosts challenging cases of abused adolescents in the beginning of your career? In this workshop we will discuss the challenges of being a Psychologist for people with trauma and a difficult background, what we can learn from this group, what we can learn from our mistakes and how we can handle the challenges of the profession battling our own insecurities.

kleine consultant

Marc Streng, De Kleine Consultant

The Young Consultant (Dutch: De Kleine Consultant) is a strategy consultant led by students, that helps small organizations to tackle the strategic issues they face. By doing so, we add value, not only to those organizations, but also to our students. We try to foster personal development for them. One of the ways to achieve this, is our so-called “feedback culture”.

In our workshop, we will talk about which benefits such a culture has for working in groups, how such a culture is established and, most of all how to feedback in the right way to achieve this. You will get an introduction into the state-of-the-art way of feedback we use within our organization, which can also help you in the rest of your (personal and professional) life.

Leiden United board

Sacha and Dana, Leiden United Board (CANCELLED)

Q&A survival quiz
Dutch people are known to be direct and not hesitant to ask things. Now it’s your time: ask us anything! We will share some survival tips, how to get around, what are must-do’s in Leiden or where to go for a daytrip. Would you like to know more about how to celebrate a typical Dutch birthday? Or do you want to know what kinds of jobs you could do as an international student? We got you covered!
After this workshop you will be fully prepared for anything that Leiden will throw at you!

> Leiden United Board

Round 2

Eefje Cadee, Educational expert at Blink

This presentation will be presented in Dutch. For more information, please visit the Dutch website.


Florien de Brouwer, Yentl Snoek en Saskia Tonkes, Agathon

This presentation will be presented in Dutch. For more information, please visit the Dutch website.

sarah birebi

Sarah Birebi, Amnesty International

In this workshop you will get a short introduction to human rights on the basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the work of human rights defenders. Additionally, you will learn how Amnesty International supports them.
The workshop will be given by Sarah Birebi, human rights education officer at Amnesty the Netherlands. Prior to her current position she was a volunteer at Amnesty, working as programme officer China. She holds a Masters in History of International Relations at the UvA.  Worldwide human rights are under pressure and it is increasingly dangerous to stand up for this. More than ever, human rights defenders face intimidation, smear campaigns, violence and imprisonment. New introduced laws are silencing them. Freedom of the press is being restricted and every year more defenders are being killed. Governments, armed groups and companies are thus ensuring that the space for civil society is increasingly closed to those who express their opinion peacefully. Amnesty International is campaigning against this alarming trend. 


13.00 - 13.30: BREAK

Round 3

Yara Doormans

Yara Doormans, Ministry of Defense

This presentation will be presented in Dutch. For more information, please visit the Dutch website.




Hans van de Velde, Coach, Impuls & WoortBlind

Coaching as a profession
Since 1998 Hans van de Velde has been coaching employees, paid by employers. HR and company doctors refer to Equisto for all kinds of mental problems like burnout, conflict, malfunctioning or when autism, ADHD, dyslexia or high IQ-giftedness may be at hand. Equisto operates in a network setting with a multidisciplinary and integral approach. Hans will explain what ‘integral’ means: the coach takes care of everything that is necessary for the client. The coach takes the lead of the case, including detection, organisation of diagnosis and medical treatment; next to psychoeducation and therapy, he also coaches the situation at work and, if necessary, at home. Hans will share his professional life story and how he became a coach with this (small) coaching bureau, his second business. How does his work-week look like and what is the business model? Which steps are taken during a coaching trajectory?


Marloes Hoekstein, Royal Kentalis

This presentation is presented in Dutch. For more information visit the Dutch website.

united nations

Riad Meddeb, United Nations Headquarters

From enormous wildfires in Australia and USA to record-breaking hurricanes in the Atlantic and the Pacific — climate change and natural disasters have dominated global headlines in recent years. Global wildlife has declined almost 70% since 1970. And now Covid-19 has highlighted the interplay between the natural environment and the human one. In the Anthropocene where for the first time in history humans are shaping nature, our approach to progress and human development needs to adapt and evolve. 

COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021 was the first full multilateral negotiation to take place since the onset of the pandemic and an important milestone in the Paris Agreement process. Progress was made on important issues, including adaptation finance, gender, and the Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Platform. And for the first time, fossil fuels were mentioned in the overall decision. However, many parties contended that the Glasgow Climate Pact was not as ambitious as was hoped for. Particularly for SIDS that are facing an existential threat, the current ambition expressed by countries in their NDCs in insufficient to reach the 1.5-degree Celsius goal. 

3 Key Messages:

  1. There is a real urgency in recognizing the symbiotic link between human and planetary struggles. We cannot continue destabilizing the planetary systems on which we rely on for survival. 
  2. There is a need for greater climate ambition, particularly from G20 countries. While the LDCs and SIDS are the most threatened by climate change, they have also been the most ambitious in their NDCs. However, this is not enough. 
  3. We need to be inclusive in how we tackle climate change, taking a “whole-of-society” approach with all stakeholders involved, including the private sector. 

UNDP Climate Promise
The world’s largest offer of support for the enhancement of countries’ climate action plans, supporting 120 countries across the world.
> Riad Meddeb


Jessica Vlaardingerbroek, Inzowijs

This workshop will be presented in Dutch. For more information, please visit the Dutch website.



leiden volunteering

Lotte & Jacqueline, Incluzio - Leiden Volunteering (CANCELLED)

This workshop will be presented in Dutch. For more information, please visit the Dutch website.

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