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During the FLO-Day, both lectures and workshops will be given. Most lectures and workshops are related to a specific field of study, but of course you are free to go to all lectures that seems interesting to you! There are 5 different rounds of 45 minutes. Note: The Dutch lectures and workshops can only be found on the Dutch website.

In the registration form, you can indicate which lecture or workshop you want to follow. You can participate the entire day, but you can also join us for an hour or 2. The lectures and workshops will be given in Dutch or English, so keep this in mind when you sign up.

Doubts of people in their twenties and  paradoxes of people in their thirties.

The FLO-day will be opened by Nienke Wijnants. Nienke Wijnants (1974) is psychologist, author and career-advisor. She became famous after the release of her bestseller ‘Het dertigersdilemma’. In this book she described the feelings of a group of searching people in a challenging phase of life. In 2019, after 31 new editions and 50.000 books being sold, the theme is still popular, but the world has changed. So it seemed the right moment for a new edition, with the title Twintigerstwijfels & dertigersdilemma’s.

In her new book Wijnants explains why millenials and people in their twenties and thirties are having a hard time coping with life. This group of people experiences stress caused by less financial security, the need of having to make choices, and the struggle with existential life questions. In her book Wijnants inspires people to withstand social pressure and to make their own life choices.

What is group-pressure all about?

Most deviant acts committed by adolescents are carried out with peers. Despite abundant evidence that peer influence is a driving force in adolescent risk-taking, it remains unclear how adolescents influence each other’s behavior. What do peers do or say to encourage or discourage risky behavior? Who are most inclined to stimulate decision-making of their friends? Are adolescent more inclined to listen to popular peers than to their best friends? To answer these and related questions, information is needed on group interactions and decision-making as it unfolds. Dr. Evelien Hoeben aims to break down ‘peer influence’ into specific verbal and nonverbal cues with an innovative combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Her interest in this topic started with an experience in primary school, when she perceived group pressure from peers to engage in vandalism. In this lecture she explains how her career and research interests have developed.

From studying pedagogy to PhD-student in intimate partner violence at project SAFE

Nicole van Gelder is a PhD-student at the Radboudumc in Nijmegen. She works at project SAFE, where the online intervention (eHealth) www.safewomen.nl has been developed. This is an online platform for women who experience intimate partner violence (IPV). Nicole talks about her current job: what does a PhD trajectory entail and what are her tasks at project SAFE? She also talks about her studies and previous work: which studies has she done and what work has she done as a pedagogue before starting her PhD? Furthermore, Nicole talks briefly about IPV and she explains the connection between pedagogy and IPV.

Lectures in Dutch round 1

The following lectures are in Dutch and can be found on the Dutch website:

  • Working as an independent positive psychologist: trainer, advisor, coach.
  • The Youth Representatives Programme

Refugee children and Dutch youth protection, who are these children and what are their needs?

Catelijne Sillevis, child psychologist, will explain the background of unaccompanied refugee children and the work of Nidos, the foundation for youth protection for Refugee Children. In this lecture participants will get to know the work of Nidos. What do (future) professionals need to know about the background of the refugee children (and their families) in order to understand them and to support and help them? Catelijne will also give insight in work of a behavioral scientist within this particular field of work. Catelijne Sillevis studied Education and Child studies (child psychology) at Leiden University (2002). She is registered as a post master psychologist works as a behavioral scientist for Nidos since 2015. Before this, Catelijne worked for several organizations for child mental health care and youth care. Since 2006, Catelijne has been involved as an expert in international projects. These projects aim to increase the social and emotional well-being of children through the improvement of youth protection, child mental healthcare and youth care in targeted countries.

Tigers in cages, a different view on highly functioning autism

High functioning people with an Autism profile are hampered in civil relationships by their clinical label. It’s not so much that Autism as such is the cause of this drawback, but it has more to do with the way this label influences the specific persons and their environment. The ample experience ITvitae has with this special group gives rise to different insights and above all, food for thought.

Political psychology: The psychology of our time

This presentation will provide a brief introduction to political psychology and what the study of the psychology of politics can contribute to the understanding of some of the most pressing issues of our time. The presentation will touch upon political polarization, profiling of political leaders, and political violence, among other topics. Dr. Mark Dechesne is associate professor at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs of Leiden University. He received his PhD on a dissertation concerning the effects of fear of death on social behavior in 2001. Prior to joining Leiden University in 2008, he worked for the Radboud University Nijmegen during his PhD research and the University of Maryland where he worked for the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (NC-START) and the psychology department.

Go Volunteer! Learn more about the many volunteer opportunities to boost your career!

Are you looking for extra ways to broaden your CV? Did you know that you can volunteer your way into a potential job? Volunteering is the perfect way to boost your resume, gain some new experiences, skills and to extend your network during your time at university. Tetyana Benzeroual, from Volunteer The Hague, will give a presentation which will help you better understand the value of volunteering for building relationships and career opportunities, as well as for gaining this valuable “work experience” all employers are looking for in new graduates. She will also show you some available vacancies you can find on their vacancy platform. There is a range of possibilities in volunteer jobs available, in various sectors, for different target groups, with flexible working hours.
The Community Engagement Service (CES), part of the faculty Career Service, will also give a short presentation about their services for students. The CES aims to inform, advise, and support students regarding relevant (extra-curricular) work experience, with a strong focus on voluntary work.

A new way of organizing collective power. You and me, doing what is valuable

Why call earth earth while it is quite clearly an ocean (Arthur C. Clarke). Let’s prepare for a new reality. A reality in which we are all connected. One big ocean. Where there is unity. Everyone contributes, custom fit. Driving their individual purpose. For what they are and as they are. Within that ocean collective movements arise. Waves of collective movement. Social responsible movements. Talent and creativity come to the surface. Culminating in new standards of solvability and collective power. Generating tangible impact for the world of today and keeping momentum towards the world of tomorrow.

During lunchtime there will be an information market between 13:00 and 14:15. You can have your cv checked, take a new LinkedIn photo and learn more about companies like Prodeba and Unicef. 

Cross your boundaries

Do you dare to question your own boundaries? By pushing boundaries, stepping out of your comfort zone and by being conscious about the choices you make, you can achieve so much more than you would have thought at first. Get inspired by the unique career path of a Belgian student who crossed all sorts of boundaries in order to pursue her dreams and ambitions. Find out how you could cross some boundaries of your own as well, and thus take your first step towards developing a unique and meaningful career.

Empowering Changemakers

At Justice and Peace, they believe that local change makers are the key to progress for human rights and social justice for all. Justice and Peace focuses on empowering these peaceful individuals who promote equality, freedom of thought and expression, the rights of refugees or a healthy environment. Together with our Dutch and international partners, Justice and Peace provides shelter, training, network opportunities and capacity building. With their projects they focus on the empowerment of international human rights defenders at risk (Shelter City Initiative) and on the initiatives in the Netherlands working for local solidarity with refugees (Samen Hier). Anne van Eijndhoven, Head of Programmes, will speak about these initiatives and her work at Justice and Peace.

Lectures in Dutch round 3

The following lectures are in Dutch and can be found on the Dutch website:

  • Working as a neuropsychologist at the Centre for Human Drug Research
  • ADHD, ADD, dyslexia and dyscalculia in the workplace: risks and opportunities

Lectures in Dutch round 4

Only lectures in Dutch will be held during this round and can be found on the Dutch website:

  • Comorbidity and complexity
  • Working at defence
  • Mobilize. Organize. Activate: campaigning grassroots
  • Working on current knowledge about youth at the Netherlands Youth Institute
  • Go Volunteer! Learn more about the many volunteer opportunities to boost your career!


How a traineeship can help you kick start your career

Are you almost at the end of your studies and do you have no clue what will come next? Consider a traineeship! Lyonne van Gaalen studied Cultural Anthropology in Leiden and finalized her studies with a Master’s in New Media and Digital Culture in Utrecht. After she graduated in 2017 she started her career with the two-year Leiden-Delft-Erasmus (LDE) trainee programme and currently works at the Ministry of General Affairs as an advisor on visual communication. During this lecture Lyonne will talk about her personal traineeship experiences: the application process, the transition from university to a full-time job, the pro’s and con’s of being a trainee, the projects she worked on, and most of all how it helped her successfully kick start her career.

A brewery after studying Tax Law, follow the job market or create it?

After an education and career in the hospitality industry, it started to tickle. Is this it? Benjamin enrolled in the study of Tax Law (Leiden University) and worked during his studies at various law firms. When the study was completed, Benjamin opted for the adventure: a beer brewery in the city-center of Leiden. The brewery has now been in existence for 5 years and the ambitions extend far beyond Leiden.

Lectures in Dutch round 5

The following lectures are in Dutch and can be found on the Dutch website:

  • Consumer Psychology
  • Working as a social scientist in consultancy! 
  • Studying with autism, obstacles and support

The whole day, you have listened to interesting lectures and participated in workshops. Now it's up to you! At the end of the day, there will be free drinks where you can ask all your questions to the speakers. So join us and extend your network!

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