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During the FLO-Day, both lectures and workshops will be given. Most lectures and workshops are related to a specific field of study, but of course you are free to go to all lectures that seems interesting to you! There are 5 different rounds of 1 hour. Note: The Dutch lectures and workshops can only be found on the Dutch website.

In the registration form, you can indicate which lecture or workshop you want to follow. You can participate the entire day, but you can also join us for an hour or 2. The lectures and workshops will be given in Dutch or English, so keep this in mind when you sign up.

The FLO-day will be opened by Professor P.F. (Paul) Wouters, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. In the central hall, Wouters will explain his job as Dean and how his own career path looked like.

Ministry of Defence - If we don’t do something, who will?

“If we don’t do anything, who will?” is the title of the lecture given by Major Yeb-Jan Joustra. As a 23-year-old conscripted soldier he was deployed as member of UNIFIL in Lebanon for more than 6 months as a member of the Dutchbatt. This lecture will focus on ‘Freedom, Peace and Safety’: a responsibility that is shared by all of us. The lecture covers current affairs, focusing on developments and tensions within and outside of the Netherlands. Using impactful dilemmas and examples from his own practice, Yeb-Jan will share his experiences in an interactive and visual way. What does it mean, for young soldiers and people nowadays, to be deployed abroad, often under extraordinary circumstances

Netherlands Youth Institute - Psychologist in practice, science, politics and knowledge

After his studies, Erik Jan de Wilde worked as a practitioner at a children’s hospital, university teacher, municipal employee and, currently, as an expert in a knowledge centre. Within each of these sectors he noticed the special contribution a psychologist can make. During his lecture he will describe his experiences within these different environments and he will link them to his education as a clinical psychologist. The lecture revolves around the theme of suicide, being the subject of his research.

British Embassy - Digital Diplomacy: Cutting through the noise

Larissa Veltman will talk in general terms about the developments in government communication, in a society taken over by social media. She will discuss the challenge of being creative and innovative as a government and how to effectively convey a message via crowded channels. The lecture will contain examples of her work for the British government last year.

Red Cross - Building community resilience in the face of rising risks

Sanne Hogesteeger currently works as project coordinator for the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre after having studied Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology in Leiden. During this session, she will share her views on building community resilience in the face of rising risks. The organisation she works for aims to reduce the impacts of climate change and extreme-weather events on vulnerable people. Interested to learn how they do that? Join this session

Workshop - SPS-NIP – The Power of persuasion

This workshop includes learning how to persuade others. On the basis of learned principles and practical exercises you will be educated to influence situations from daily life successfully and convince the other to get what you want.

Workshop - Hello Test - Assessment Workshop

Hellotest is the place for online Assessments. Therefore, Corstiaan will tell you everything you need to know about assessments. In this workshop you will learn about the different assessment topics, take and review multiple short assessments and learn the best tips and tricks to tackle tests in the future.

After taking this workshop you will:

  • Know about the different assessment topics
  • Know how to optimally prepare for an assessment

The workshop will cover the following:

  • General introduction to assessments
  • Introduction to verbal reasoning
  •  Introduction to numerical reasoning
  • Introduction to logical reasoning

Every subject is introduced with a theoretical part, we test your capabilities with a practice test

Lectures in Dutch round 1

  • Stichting Move
  • Workshop - Studelta - Personal branding

Grey Matters - Priming and Persuading: the life of a media psychologist

Mischa Coster, media psychologist, will take you on a journey through the landscape of behavioural measures. During this journey he will explain these specific techniques making use of some examples. Also, he will share how he became a media psychologist and what career choices led to his current occupation as Chief Psychology Officer.

Tertium - Frake Schermer his career and tips he would have wanted to get as a student

Frake Schermer is an anthropologist, project manager and programme maker. He engages in science and focuses societal themes: human rights issues, citizen participation and an inclusive society. Since 2016 he works at research and communication agency Tertium, where, for example, he organised a series of human rights meetings for Amnesty International. In his presentation he talks about his work and how he ended up in his current job after studying medical anthropology. Also, he will give a number of useful tips for designing a CV (he calls it a handy linguistic trick).

Workshop - SPS-NIP - Assertive communication

Do you also often work overtime during your internship because your boss asks you to, while you actually made other plans? Or do you find it difficult to say what you want in conflict situations without coming across as submissive or blunt? From time to time, everyone ends up in such situations. Are you curious how this arises and how you can consciously use your  assertiveness? Then come to our workshop! Here you will be prepped to communicate more assertively and find out what this concept entails at all. A challenging workshop in which you will learn a lot about your own communication skills.

Workshop - Hello Test - Assessment Workshop

Hellotest is the place for online Assessments. Therefore, Corstiaan will tell you everything you need to know about assessments. In this workshop you will learn about the different assessment topics, take and review multiple short assessments and learn the best tips and tricks to tackle tests in the future.

Lectures in Dutch round 2

  • CHDR - Working as a neuropsychologist at the Centre for Human Drug Research

  • Groenlinks

  • Suzan Kuijsten - We love stress

  • Workshop UniPartners - Negotiation

Teun Voeten is an international photojournalist and cultural anthropologist specialising in war and conflicts. Since 1991, he has been covering war and conflict and capturing ‘la condition humaine’ in striking images. He studied Cultural Anthropology at Leiden University and learned photography from an uncle, a professional photographer. After carrying out extensive fieldwork in a gold digger community in the Ecuadorian Andes, Voeten received his Masters in cultural anthropology in 1991 and moved to Brussels, Belgium.

In the years to follow, Voeten covered the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, Haiti and Rwanda for Dutch, Belgian, German and American publications. In 1994, he took a break from war reporting and picked up his anthropological roots by studying a homeless community that was living in an old railroad tunnel in Manhattan. For five months, Voeten lived, worked and slept among the tunnel people. This resulted in his first book ‘Tunnel People’.

Between 1996 and 1998, Voeten developed a taste for the so called ‘forgotten wars’ and reported from Colombia, Afghanistan, Sudan and Sierra Leone. In 1998, Voeten went to Sierra Leone to work on a project on child soldiers. His first trip ended nearly in disaster, because he was hunted down by rebels intended on killing him. Eventually resulted this trip in his book ‘How de Body? Hope and Horror in Sierra Leone’.

Over the last years, Voeten photographed the Arab Spring, went to Syria, Iraq, Libya and followed up on Afghanistan where he first went in 1996.

In 2009, Voeten started to focus on the drug violence in Mexico and made numerous trips to the flash points of the drug war. And in 2012, he published his ‘Narco Estado. Drug Violence in Mexico’. In 2012 he started with a PhD research on the drug war in Mexico. ‘After a quarter of a century rushing from conflict to conflict, I was ready for an in depth analysis’. He focuses on modern warfare, predatory capitalism, extreme violence and the motivation and tactics of perpetrators, where he compares Latin American sicarios, African child soldiers and IS-terrorists. In September 2018, he received his Doctorate degree from Leiden University with a thesis called ‘The Mexican Drug Violence Hybrid Warfare, Predatory Capitalism and the Logic of Cruelty’

Are you curious about the full story of Teun Voeten? Would you like to view his photos? Come to the lecture in the central hall of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences! The lecture will begin at 12:30.

ITVITAE - High functioning autism: a different perspective

Individuals with high functioning autism are often restricted in life. These restrictions are not caused by the disorder itself but by the label of Autism given to them and the way this label influences their environment. The wide experience of ITvitae with this group of people will provide you with clear insights and food for thought.

Changes GGZ - Derk Versteegh

Changes GGZ offers high-quality and at the same time dedicated, involved treatment for addiction, eating disorders and underlying problems. They treat clients with alcohol, drug, game, gambling and medicine addiction as well as clients suffering from anorexia, bulimia and other specified eating disorders. Derek Versteegh will discuss the following topics; his career, addiction in the Netherlands and the total treatment for addiction and eating disorders.

Evofenedex - Nick Beckers

The 28-year old Nick Beckers works currently as consultant warehousing at Evofenedex. He studied Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University with the business administration minor ‘International and Intercultural Management’. Thereafter he obtained, simultaneously with full-time work, a master of Organization Sciences (Culture, Organization and Management) in Amsterdam. From side jobs in logistics he has grown into a logistics manager. It is great that in his work as logistics manager at Evofenedex, he can combine his knowledge of anthropology, change management and his logistic work experience. In his lecture Nick Beckers will talk about his study choices, his career and the added value of a behavioral scientist in consultancy work.

Workshop - Vye Professionals - Get that job!

​​​​​Vye Professionals is the expert in recruitment. Because of their national and international network they know the specific needs and qualities of the labour market, their candidates and their clients better than anyone. They combine professional knowledge with a goal oriented personal approach. There is only one outcome for Vye: the perfect jobs for their candidates. Do you want to learn what the recruitment process looks like? Or do you want to learn what the best way is to profile yourself on the labour market and what you should or should not do when it comes down to applying for a job? Sign up for the workshop!

Workshop - Wakker bij Bakker - The 20-something dilemma

Are you on the right track? Are you chasing the right dream? Will you end up where you want to end up? The workshop ‘20-something dilemma’ is given by Wakker bij Bakker Student Coaching. During this workshop you will discuss certain factors that can strengthen the intensity of feelings of stress in this stage of your life. People’s expectations, a performance-driven society, the overloading amount of choices we have nowadays and (threatening) unemployment are typical factors causing stress in young adults. In short, a dilemma around the age of 20 we all have to deal with. Sign up for this workshop to gain more insight in how you can deal with this!


The JASON Institute for Peace and Security Studies has been engaged in informing students and young-professionals on matters of international peace and security for over 40 years. JASON regularly organizes exclusive events, such as workshops, lectures and visits to organisations, with leading security stakeholders. First, Milou van Vliet will tell you something about JASON and what JASON can mean to students. Next, Michiel Hijmans (Former Dutch defense-attache, deputy military attache and deputy military representative to NATO)  will discuss the topic of leadership combined with working in the marine.

Lectures in Dutch round 3

  • Jannie van der Sleen - Investigative psychologist or forensic psychologist. What does it entail?


  • Workshop - Calco - Presentation skills

Talent Development and Creativity - Talent Selection and Development

Dr. Ruud J. R. den Hartigh is Assistant Professor Talent Development and Creativity at the Department of Psychology of the University of Groningen. In his talk he will first discuss his own career development. Then, there will be an interactive presentation focused on how you can stimulate and select talented individuals. Finally, dr. Den Hartigh will elaborate on how you can become an expert on the development and selection of talent, and specifically focus on the international masters programme Talent Development and Creativity that is offered in Groningen.

Philip Mulder - The pre-life crisis

After receiving your diploma, the job applications will start. What is your dream job? Where do you start? The many possibilities can cause you to lose the overview. This is what Philip Mulder calls ‘the pre-life crisis’. In his lecture, Philip Mulder will use his own experiences to explain why it is sometimes wise to choose for the unknown. He will also talk about aspects that might even be  more important than the job itself, such as the business culture. After finishing his master’s degree in Social and Organisational Psychology, Philip Mulder followed an unconventional career path. Varying from a traineeship in Organisational Psychology in Shanghai to being a marketeer at Unilever. Currently he is employed as a business developer at media company Navingo in the maritime and offshore industry.

Vendl - Your own practice as provocative psychologist

Adelka Vendl is organisational psychologist and owner of Vendl. For over 15 years Vendl offers training and advice on behavioural change. Adelka works with several psychology students. During this interactive lecture you can ask questions and gain insight in working in the field of psychology, how to gather your clients, what you need to do and what it is like to be an assistant psychologist at Vendl.

Workshop - De Kleine Consultant - Personal Goal Development

De Kleine Consultant is a non-profit student strategy consultant. They bring academic talent and companies with strategic issues together. That way they offer clients strategic advice and gain their consultants a lot of knowledge! They know that a student’s life can be quite chaotic, everything is possible. With the help of this workshop they will try to teach you how you can get the most out of your student time. This workshop focuses on the questions: ‘Who am I?’ ‘What is important to me?’ and ‘What do I want?’. Together you will discuss ways how to reach your goals in a fun and motivating way!

Workshop - Career Service - What do I have to offer an employer?

In this workshop Dennis will help you gain insight in your specific knowledge, skills, ambition and values. Before knowing which career, job and organisation fit you best and you can start working on pursuing that, it is helpful to have a clear picture of your individual profile. Framed by some theory, the focus of the workshop will be on practical ways to get clarity on what you have to offer an employer. So, what do you have to offer your employer?


Career Service - How to choose without stress

We live in a society where choices have to be made all day long. But nobody taught us how to choose. Making choices can be confusing and sometimes even induce a lot of  stress, specifically the ‘bigger’ life choices. This workshop is about how to make choices in a structured way, knowing what to do step by step, so there is less need for stress.

Lectures in Dutch round 4

  • Cross Your Borders
  • Ik ben geweldig – Sophie Borgers en Ilja Schurink

GGZ Rivierduinen - Proud2Bme - Eric van Furth

Prof. Eric van Furth is a clinical psychologist, professor eating disorders at Leiden University Medical Centre and director at GGZ Rivierduinen Eating disorders Ursula. Furthermore, he is also co-founder of Proud2bme.nl, the biggest online help site of the Netherlands and Belgium together. The site is for everybody with problems about self-image, eating and other problems. Eric van Furth studied Clinical psychology & Developmental psychology at Utrecht University and got his PhD with his research at the department Child and youth psychiatry of the Academic Hospital Utrecht. Curious what he has to say about his career, his work and everything about eating disorders? Visit his lecture!

Workshop - HoiTalent - Secret weapons for international job seeker

According to research, more than 70% of international students would like to find a job here in the Netherlands, but only 27% of them succeed. HoiTalent would like to try to narrow this big gap by helping you! In this workshop, we will offer you:

  • An overview of what the Dutch labour market expects from international talents and the hidden rules;
  • Useful tips for international students looking for jobs in the Netherlands  (skillset, channels and networking);
  • How to tailor your application documents including CV and motivation letters to a Dutch way;
  • How to customize your LinkedIn to catch the recruiters’ eye, expand your network and realize interactive self-improvement.

Workshop - Vendl - You seem like a pretty hopeless student to me

Adelka Vendl is an expert in the field of provocative coaching. In this workshop Adelka will introduce you to the topic of provocative coaching, a challenging style of help. Provocative coaching is about challenging people in order to help them. You try to challenge someone rather than trying to help them directly and act as if you have the solution. You present these challenges in a warm and fun way to help them break certain habits. With the use of reverse psychology, warmth, humor and challenges you move the client to insights and behavioural changes.

Lectures and workshops in Dutch round 5

  • RID - Dyslexia: Diagnostics and Treatment

  • Government - From student to government official - inspiration and challenges

  • ING - Psychology within the bank 

  • Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations - Offering good advice through chaos

  • Workshop - Vye Professionals - Get that job! 

The whole day, you have listened to interesting lectures and participated in workshops. Now it's up to you! At the end of the day, there will be free drinks where you can ask all your questions to the speakers. So join us and extend your network!

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