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Who are we?

Meet the members of the FLO- committee 2021!

Fréderique Verbeek (Chair)

Hi! My name is Fréderique Verbeek, I am 23 years old and I will complete my BSc in Psychology this year. Because I am also at the stage of choosing a master’s, I know how difficult it is to have to make choices about your career. That is why I hope that by co-organizing the FLO-day I can contribute to this! As chair, it is my job to make sure everything runs smoothly. This involves drawing up an annual plan and chairing committee meetings, but also maintaining contact with the University, the volunteers, and the participants are my responsibility. Fortunately, I love making lists, especially to-do lists, while enjoying lots of coffee, so I’m sure this won't be a problem! If you’re curious about the organisation and would like to keep informed, you can follow us on social media or contact us at floleiden@fsw.leidenuniv.nl.

I hope to see you on the FLO-day!

Emma van Trotsenburg (Secretary)

Hi! My name is Emma van Trotsenburg, I am 21 years old and I am in my third year of studying Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (CADS). I am also the student ambassador of CADS, which means that I inform prospective students about our Bachelor’s programme through activities such as the university Open Days. I always really enjoy talking to people about what they want to gain from their studies and what their plans for the future are. Over the course of your studies it gets more important to find out what direction you want to take and what choices you can already make during your studies in order to get there. Hearing the stories of other professionals can be of great help for this. Therefore I am really excited to be organizing the FLO next year. I am the secretary, which means that I am responsible for arranging an interesting keynote speaker and setting up the information market. I aim to make sure the FLO and its preparations run smoothly this year, and that there is a diverse group of speakers so that all participants can find inspiration and helpful information for their career plans at the FLO 2021. Even though of course we have to adjust to the current situation, I’m sure that by being creative we can still organise a great event.

Hope to see you there!

Saskia Zaal (Commissioner of speakers)

Hey everyone, my name is Saskia Zaal and I’m studying School Psychology at Leiden University. From my own experience, I know how helpful it can be to attend events like the FLO-day when deciding on your master’s program. This is what inspired me to apply for the FLO-committee, and here I am as this year’s commissioner of speakers! My task is to approach potential speakers and remain in contact with them until the FLO-day on 10 March 2021. It’s also important that I ensure our lectures are a good representation of all students attending Leiden’s Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences and their interests. Due to the corona virus, this year’s FLO-day will be a little different from other years. The programme will predominantly take place online, but if possible we’re hoping to include some in-person events too. I can honestly say our entire committee is happy to take on this extra challenge and organise an exciting and engaging FLO-day for all of you. You can follow us on social media or contact me at floleiden@fsw.leidenuniv.nl

Julia van den Oever (Treasurer)

Hi!! My name is Julia van den Oever, I completed the BSc in Psychology last year and started the master’s in Social and Organizational Psychology this year. In addition to my master's degree, this year I am the Treasurer of the FLO-committee, so I am responsible for all income and expenses related to the FLO day. This means allocating the budget, taking into account the PR, speakers, and thank-you gifts, but also lunch and drinks, for example! In addition to the income and expenditure, I am also (partly) responsible for making the programme booklet and for acquisition. This year is an extra special year, because the FLO-day will probably be different from in recent years. That makes it an extra fun challenge for us as a committee! Whatever the day ultimately looks like, we will ensure that all students of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences can get a good idea of ​​what their career options are.

I hope to see you all on 10 March!

Odette van der Donk (Workshops Commissioner)

Hi everyone! My name is Odette van der Donk, I'm 22 years old and a third-year psychology student. This year I’m active in the organisation of the FLO-day 2020/2021. Together with the other 5 girls of the FLO-committee I am committed to creating an unforgettable career day for the students of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. My role in the committee is Workshops Commissioner. This means that I’m responsible for finding and organising fun and interesting workshops. When I attended the FLO-day last year, it gave me a much clearer view of my interests and prospects for my future career. I think it’s essential as a student to develop yourself and to show an interest in career-related topics. This makes future study and career choices much easier. Career orientation might feel overwhelming but it is actually quite fun and can be eye-opening. Because there are so many options open to you as a student, it’s always good to start on time. Do you want to figure out where your interests lie, and are you interested in other people’s experiences? Then the FLO-day at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences is definitely for you!

I hope to see you there on 10 March!

Sophie Kooij (PR Commissioner)

Hello everyone! My name is Sophie Kooij, I’m 22 years old and I am currently doing the Master’s of Science called Orthopedagogiek at Leiden University. You can take this master’s after the BSc in Education and Child Studies. This year I’m part of the FLO committee ’20 / ’21 because I want to be involved in organising this important and interesting event at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences together with a close-knit group. In previous years I had heard a lot about it and I also attended it once. It gave me a clearer picture of the study- and work-related topics I find fascinating. My position within the FLO-committee is PR Commissioner, which means I’m responsible for the offline and online (facebook, instagram, LinkedIn) publicity for this event. My goal is to let as many students as possible know that this beautiful event is there for them every year. This year, the FLO-day will be different due to the corona crisis, but despite this we are working hard behind the scenes to prepare a great event for you and we hope that it will be as well attended as in previous years! Are you open to other people's experiences in the field and curious about your interests?

Then come to the FLO day of the FSW on 10 March 2021!

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