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Master Thesis Lab

Are you a master's student who is in the process of writing your thesis? If so, you are more than welcome to use all the facilities of the faculty's Master Thesis Lab.

There are 22 computers, each with all the necessary software (Word, Excel, SPSS etc.) and a connection to the internet. In addition, there are 2 scanners and a printer/copier just around the corner.
The work spaces have adjustable seats and tables and are especially designed for working comfortably for extended periods of time.

It is not possible to book a computer in advance.

The Master Thesis Lab Assistant (also known as 'Scriptieatelier medewerker', or SAM in Dutch) can assist you on various topics concerning your thesis. The SAM can refer you to a statistical advisor, or point you to a book or website where you can find the answer to your question.
However, you and your thesis supervisor have final responsibility for the thesis and it's content at all times. Always discuss important decisions and changes with your supervisor.

Note that the SAM will not read your thesis through or advise you on questions regarding the content.

Things the SAM can do for you

  • Give advice on how to structure the time spent on your thesis;
  • Give advice on general lay-out;
  • Help to think about the consequences of your choices;
  • Help you with practical SPSS of R problems;
  • Make an appointment with the statistical advisors (e.g. for more advanced SPSS or other statistical problems);
  • Make an appointment with the staff members of the Master Thesis Lab who are specialized in qualitative research;
  • Give you information on where to find information about various aspects of writing your thesis. 

Things the SAM cannot do for you

  • Read (parts of your) Master Thesis;
  • Give advice concerning the specific and specialist content of your thesis;
  • Provide critical comments on the content of your thesis;
  • Act as a substitute for your thesis supervisor (also not when your supervisor is not available during a longer period);
  • Take responsibility for your choices with respect to any part of your thesis. 

How to contact a SAM

You can send us an email, or give us a call, at 071-5273851. It is also possible to make an appointment.

This is a facility for students who have questions about statistical issues. 

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The MTL offers books to use within the Lab only. Topics range from statistics, manuals (APA guide), dictionaries, and various how-to books about doing research and writing a thesis. Whenever you want to use a book, please write the title and your name on the form. 

Suggestions for any literature are welcome through our email address.

At the end of the day all books must be back on the shelves!


  • Academic research (general)
  • Academic writing and studying
  • Methods and tests
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • SPSS
  • Statistics
  • Survey research
  • Quantitative in the social sciences (series)

When you are writing your Master's thesis, you might want to have a look at some examples. In the Leiden University Scriptierepositorium there are Master's theses from students from all FSW programmes.

If you want to talk about the research you are doing or just want to have a coffee or lunch break, you can use the special meeting space for students on the fifth floor (down the stairs and on the left). Eating and drinking is not allowed in the Lab and long discussions may distract others. Please use the meeting area for those purposes.

We trust you to keep this area clean and tidy!

At the end of the hallway there are lockers where you can leave your possessions. It is important that you empty your locker at the end of the day. Lockers that are still in use at the end of the day will be opened and emptied. You should not take a locker key home with you.

On the 2nd floor in the Lab there are 2 bookcases in which you can leave your personal belongings when you don’t want to take them home with you. You can leave everything there overnight, but please note that this is at your own risk, as the Lab is not locked at any time.

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