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Inclusion in Sports

How do people experience ‘inclusion’ in sports? How can experiential expertise enhance policies in sport and inclusion? This research internship at The Mulier Institute enables a student to investigate these issues from a qualitative research perspective.

The Mulier Institute: independent, non-profit, scientific sport-research institute

The Mulier Institute is an independent, non-profit, scientific sport-research institute in the Netherlands. As such, it is engaged in fundamental, practice-focused and policy relevant social-scientific sport research. Inclusion is high on the agenda of governments and sport institutions and the Mulier institute is dedicated to monitor and research this. Dutch governing bodies and sport institutions aim to create inclusive sport opportunities for everyone, but not much is known about how (recreational) athletes themselves experience and understand inclusion in sports.

Understanding athletes’ personal experiences

The aim of this research internship is to understand athletes’ personal experiences and provide insights into how policies can benefit from taking personal experiences into account. In accordance with a coordinator from The Mulier Institute, the student may choose to focus on a specific sport and/or on minority group with regard to ability, (including chronic disease and psychological  conditions), and its intersections with ethnicity, gender and sexuality, socio-economic background, etc.



The contact person at the Mullier institute is Caroline van Lindert.

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