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Student communities

As a (new) student there are various possibilities to meet other students more easily, to participate in fun activities and to feel more connected to the university community.



Take a look at one of the many associations that student life offers, including:

Study associations at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

  • Emile (Education and Child Studies)
  • Itiwana (Cultural Anthropology)
  • Labyrinth (Psychology)
  • LSK (Education and Child Studies/Minor Child Abuse)
  • SPIL (Political Science)

Student association:

  • CIROS (Political Science: International Relations and Organisations)

Uni-life app

What’s on? Find out in the Uni-Life app!

Uni-life's free app for students has been specially developed to:

  • meet more fellow students, get involved and become part of your university community.
  • make the most of your student life, develop your skills and discover new interests.
  • You can find all events at your university in one overview, from parties to sports activities to workshops.
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