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Study tips

Studying can be quite a challenge. How do you approach studying? Do you start on time and do you already use effective strategies to process information? Or would you like to improve your study skills? Maybe you benefit from some extra help!

Study advisor/-coordinator

Do you have questions about- or problems with studying? Discuss these as soon as possible with your study advisor/coordinator. Your study advisor/coordinator is the person you turn to for support and advice regarding your study. You can share practical as well as personal problems, for example, when you need help with your study approach or making study choices such as electives, a minor or a follow-up education. 


POPcorner FSW

The POPcorner FSW has much expertise in the field of study approach and study success. Think about the following topics:

  • Study approach, making exams, time management, confidences, making choices, self-development, wellbeing,  highly giftedness and other challenges you may face during your studies. 

You can contact the POPcorner FSW for:

  • Individual coaching

  • Workshops: studying efficiently, time management, making exams + exam confidence

  • Courses/study groups: 

  • Online workshops at the ePOPcorner (in Brightspace). The ePOPcorner study skills workshops are completely online and can be followed at your own pace for free. Topics of the workshops are methodology and statistics, mind mapping, study skills, making exams and time management. 

Study tips

More tips regarding studying, study skills, personal development and mental wellbeing can be found on the student well-being website. 

Besides that, the POPcorner shares study tips regularly on the Instagram of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

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Follow us for more study tips!
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