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Buddy systems

Are you a bachelor's or master's student FSW? Then you can either make use of a buddy, or be a buddy.

Successful study and a good start

The buddy system is intended for all FSW students who need someone to help with practical or substantive matters. The buddy system is coordinated by students from the POPcorner FSW.


For some students, studying may present different challenges than for others. That is why the buddy system consists of the following specialisations:

What does a buddy do?

The buddy also studies at the FSW and is therefore close to the student with a request for help. The buddy knows what is going on, is easy to reach and maintains personal contact with the student. The buddy can help with individual issues concerning the study, shares his own experiences and helps to feel at home within the faculty. Practical matters concerning the study programme, important websites, etc.

For many students it is nice to have someone they can easily turn to with their questions. The buddy helps to improve the study skills and/or social skills of students who could use some extra help.

What advantages can a buddy have for you?

As a student, you are often searching for an optimal learning path. This is done by trial and error. Do you want to increase your chances of success? Then call on the help of a buddy. he/she can help you in your search for an appropriate and successful study strategy. Your buddy can give you tips for planning, studying or practical matters, such as registering for courses and exams or contacting lecturers. The buddy is familiar with the study and the faculty and can therefore share experiences with you. Furthermore, a buddy can be a support on a social level. Moreover, the buddy can put you in touch with other students and help you with networking.

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