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ePOPcorner (online)

Are you looking for the best way to study?

Methods & Statistics

In this 1-hour workshop you learn:

  • Get an overview of the subject matter of your statistics course;
  • to better understand the substance;
  • how to prepare for the exam.

Mind mapping

In this 1-hour workshop you learn:

  • what is Mind mapping;
  • what is the advantage of Mind mapping;
  • how this mem tool can help you study more efficiently.

Study skills

In this 1-hour workshop you learn:

  • to understand how your memory works;
  • how to understand and remember the subject material.

Making exams

In this workshop you learn how to prepare for different types of exams and how to handle exams with open questions and multiple-choice questions.

Time management

In this one-hour workshop you gain insight into how you spend your time, and you draw up a realistic schedule that you can use immediately.

How to enroll

Enrolling for the ePOPcorner goes as follows:

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