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Social Studying Group

Who is familiar with this scenario: you found the motivation to study and you go to your desk in good spirits and you ready yourself for battle. You sit at your desk with all your study materials in front of you and you’re all set. But you just need to send one last message on your phone and before you know it the whole afternoon is over.

Darn, how do you prevent this from happening again next time?

Join the Social Studying Group!

The Social Studying Group was founded to bring students together so they can motivate each other and study together. Instead of parallel studying (side by side without taking notice of what other people are doing) you discuss with each other what you’re going to do and you can ask each other for input if you’re stuck or if you need a fresh look. And after each other’s input you can get back to work independently. The participants determine per session what a pleasant work rhythm is for everyone.

Examples of work rhythms

  • Open dialogue in which everyone can get consulted at any time, but where you can also work independently. 
  • A schedule of 45 minutes of independent work and 15 minutes of interaction for questions, feedback and brainstorming.
    There will be short breaks during sessions. 


We work with Skype and a condition is that you leave your audio and video on, so that the participants stay in contact with each other. And with this method, listening to music or lectures is also perfectly possible, because this audio cannot be heard by everyone if you use earphones or headphones.

Sessions are also held face-to-face in the Pieter de la Court Building. You can reserve a place in the FSW for a time slot during which you work alongside other participants. There is a safe distance between all participants and all activities will be conducted in accordance with corona measures so that everyone can study safely.

Would you like to participate and try it out, or do you have any questions?

Send an email to the SSG coordinator
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