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As a participant, you receive an allowance for your time and efforts. The volunteer allowance can vary from €7.50 to €25 per hour, depending on the type of research you take part in.

Allowance or study credits

As a participant, you receive a standard allowance for taking part in our research studies. The allowance is a minimum of €7.50 an hour and can be more if the study takes more effort, such as an EEG study after which you have to wash your hair. Taking part in MRI studies often pays at least €25.

First-year students of some fields of study often take part in return for study credits. For some studies, you can receive only credits and not an allowance, and sometimes it is the other way around.

Payment of allowances

You will receive your allowance via an EU bank account or in the form of a VVV gift voucher. We often need to ask for your IBAN bank account number to be able to make the payment correctly. The payment of allowances is processed centrally and it can sometimes take a few weeks before you see the amount on your account

Do I have to notify the tax authorities of my allowance?

If your allowance is more than €50, we will also ask for your citizen service number (BSN). In that case the allowance is taxable and the amount will be reported automatically to the Tax Authorities via an IB-47 registration.

Want to know more?

Our researchers have to observe certain rules on allowances. Read more about the payment procedures.

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