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Types of research

Reacting rapidly to a task, filling in a questionnaire, becoming immersed in a virtual world, having your heart rate measured, or having images made of your brain: our research is very diverse.

Reaction times and questionnaires

Some of the research studies involve filling in questionnaires and having your heart rate measured. You might, for example, carry out activities on the computer, such as the Stroop task, which gives us insight into cognitive processes such as perception, attention, memory and emotions. Questionnaires give us more insight into your experiences or how you behave generally. In some cases, our research takes place online, which means you can carry out these tasks via your mobile phone or on a computer. At other times you carry out the tasks in a room with other people at the same time. 

Do a Stroop task

Observation research

How does a baby react when a parent enters the room? And how do people work together to find a solution to a problem? Observation research helps us find answers to these kinds of questions.

Eye tracking

How do your eyes follow moving objects? Using eye tracking technology we can see exactly where you are looking. Take part in our eye tracking studies and discover how we analyse eye movements to learn more about visual perception and attention. It is often possible to measure the size of your pupil using this technique.

VR (Virtual Reality)

Step into a virtual world and experience new adventures! Virtual Reality research lets us go beyond  the limits of reality and simulate situations that would be difficult to create in everyday life. Take part and discover how we use VR in our research

Physiological measurements

Using stickers on your skin we can measure such things as your skin conductance and heart rate. This tells us more about how your body responds to such stimuli as cognitive activity, emotional information and feedback on your performance.

EEG (Electro-encephalography)

Are you curious about what goes on in your brain? We use EEG technology to measure electrical activity in your brain. Take part in EEG research and help us unravel the mysteries of the brain. The apparatus works on batteries and so is 100% safe. You often have to wash your hair afterwards because of the gel we use to measure brain signals properly.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Enter the world of brain imaging! Using MRI scans we can make detailed images of the structures and functions of your brain. Take part in MRI studies and discover how we make pictures of your brain. An MRI scanner is actually a big magnet, so you can only take part provided you are not pregnant and you have no metal objects in your body, such as pacemakers, metal implants or metal fragments.


Do you want to know more about how medication can influence your mind and your behaviour? You can take part in our research in the area of psychopharmacology, where we study the effects of different substances on the brain and mental processes. Participation is only possible after extensive screening.

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